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Patola, our new writer, has compiled what is the most exhaustive overview of VR on Linux - hardware, games, and tools. Don't miss out:

If you are at loss regarding the recent removal of Google Sync in Chromium, here's a nice alternative to consider for syncing:

Hi Linux users, how would you describe your current gaming habits on the platform?

@bjoern seeing a button in Chromium to Sync history, passwords, bookmarks with a Google Account has always made me scared. So, this announcement is not a bad news, it will disconnect Chromium from Google Account integration. It does not concern browser rendering engine.

RT daniel_hede: @boilingsteam Too much Overwatch hah! It runs so well :)

RT patolinux: Hi all, I have written a big article about the state of VR on Linux. Please see if you like so I can continue doing stuff like this:

RT Corben78: @boilingsteam More games work than I have time for. And if a game doesn't work, there are so many others, so they are missing out, not me (but there is hope). Proton via Steam is the most convenient way (despite native ofc!). Followed by Lutris, which does need some tinkering here and there 🐧

Brave is supporting IPFS natively. This is big. Firefox should have innovated first, they missed BIG on this kind of opportunity.

@boilingsteam Oh absolutely, all the time, I love playing on Linux and most games that I'd want to play without native support run just fine under Wine or Proton


Hi Linux users, how would you describe your current gaming habits on the platform?

Looks like @patolinux wrote an in-depth article on virtual reality (VR) with a focus on his #linuxgaming experiences on #Linux PC: (and how it spoils your average 3d game). (

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