The Pinephone can actually run Arch Linux without modification (I guess the ARM builds) - you won't get touch input as is, but performance wise this looks pretty good already:

Gotta love SOLUS and their crazy stance on things: So NFS server is not supported because "Solus is desktop distro, duh!" but for some reason they have no problem with supporting Samba. Or Syncthing. Guys, where do you draw the line? It's 2020, everything can potentially be a "server".

"Change current Solus SC updates view to not be a tree view and not have optional package updates" Solus team decided to lose all credibility when it comes to making a distro.

Oh and by the way the Smach Z team has missed their Q4 2o19 release window again, so they have lost all credibility again when it comes to delivering their product to backers.

I guess GoodBye Smach Z if Alienware or anyone else actually executes on this prototype:

Gta 5 finally works again in Proton. It was super sluggish in full screen though, but going into windowed mode should do the trick to get back to the usual performance. This was probably one of the worst regressions so far I experienced with Proton!

Life is Strange 2 is now available on Mac and Linux - a new port by Feral. Life is Strange 2 also happens to be complete (season-wise) and on sale, so it's a good time to pick it up if you were considering it!

Epic gives pocket change to Lutris and now Krita. Linux subreddits celebrate and praise Epic. The PR move that costs almost nothing to Epic is working very well.


Life is Strange 2 journeys onto macOS and Linux on 19th December. 🐺

On the run and sharing a terrible secret, brothers Sean and Daniel can rely only on each other in a world turned against them. With the police on their trail, they must keep moving on the long road to Mexico…


Seems that the report on BleepingComputer is accurate. Just tried logging in to Google services with Falkon (base install) and it refused to log me in. Will Firefox be next? :)

"#Google is now banning the popular Linux browsers named Konqueror, Falkon, and Qutebrowser from logging into Google services because they may not be secure." 🤦‍♂️

Nipples! Just arrived in the post. A Christmas present for each of my ThinkPads. 🎄💻

In non-gaming related news, you can now download Microsoft Teams for Linux. Yeah, an official client. Let's say I did not expect this to happen. I will never use it at home, but this unlocked a dilemna for those who have to use Teams at work.

Note that you should expect some delay for my next ProtonDB analyses, as ProtonDB has completely changed its reporting system and its data structure. I will have to experiment a little with what makes the most sense going forward.

Final Part: "Doing any sort of active development with this broken mess of a code base would only make this worse, and I wish I had drawn the line sooner. The only thing I still plan to do is wire up some useful Vulkan extensions and eventually merge D9VK, the rest will be bug fixing only."

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