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Hi Everyone! Our Big Linux Gamer Survey for 2021 is Finally Out! You can start answering here: Appreciate if you could retoot/retweet this around you!

RT richgel999: Part of the reason why I left the big corporate world was because so many useful or key texture/video/image compression patents were expiring soon (or had already expired). Patents suck.

I got Sunset Overdrive (that used to be an Xboxone exclusive) on sale last week on Steam, and it works almost flawlessly on Linux with Proton (it complains about corrupted saves but saves work). It's a fun game, too. hasn't hit the stable release yet, due to a need for extensive testing, but: ScummVM now supports Adventure Game Studio games!

It would be wild if I could one day get my games to work on AmigaOS4 or Haiku...

How I made a game in 35 hours without breaking a sweat using only free/libre and opensource tools!

Boosts appreciated ;)

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We have already received about 1500 unique answers on the Linux Gamer survey! If you game on Linux (even partially) and have not answered yet, please add your voice as well:

I was not aware that there was an open source engine recreation of Chris Sawyer's Locomotion, called OpenLoco:

Not getting enough FPS? If you are on AMD with one of the newer cards, with Mesa you can enable Variable Rate Shading to lower shaders' quality while massively increasing framerate (~+ 30%):

In Chromium, "FLoC" enables ad selection without sharing the browsing behavior of individual users. And the Brave browser just disabled it:

Looks like the cheap Intel Core i5-11400F (no integrated GPU) is a great choice for gaming if you are on a budget:

RT richgel999: I think with GabeN looking so healthy now, he can go back and seriously clean up Valve. As the CEO at the top of the pyramid he has immense power. He'll need to in order to compete against Epic.

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