After my article on MGSV running on Lutris (with the Steam Windows client), I tried MGSV with Proton directly from the Steam Linux client, and it works very well. I took a quick video that shows how well:

You know that Dark Souls III has been whitelisted for Linux/Proton right? Well here is a good piece of news for you. There is a deal right now where you can get DS3 for 14 USD. It ends in 16 hours though...

Total War: Warhammer II will be landing on Linux and Mac on November 20th. Yeah, another Total War :-) You got to have them all!

Dawn of War III is 50% off on Feral's Store. It's a decent Warhammer 40k game, so it is worth considering at this price point:

A proper article following my recent Toot about the additions to the whitelist on Steam Play/Proton:

I have been cleaning a bit the CSS rules on BoilingSteam today. Should be a little cleaner on the desktop. If you don't notice anything, don't worry. Just tiny details.

Here's a fairly long article i have bee working on for a long time. It started mainly because Metal Gear Solid V could run on Linux with DXVK, but then I decided to talk about the whole MGS series of games, and Kojima and all. Maybe you'll find this worth a read:

in the new whitelist for Steam Play/Proton, two important titles: Dark Souls 3, and Stein's Gate!

James Ramey, de Codeweavers, es entrevistado en Boiling Steam. @boilingsteam nos trae otro de sus grandes artículos

Note that the podcast includes a full text transcript so you can read what we talked about if you cannot listen to it.

Our podcast on Steam Play/Proton with James Ramey, president of Codeweavers, is now online! Enjoy!

Our next Podcast will be published this Tuesday 13th of november. It will be mainly about Steam Play/Proton with a guest who worked directly on this project. Stay tuned!

Lutris 0.5 is in the works - based on their Patreon page update - it will feature an integration with GOG this time around:

DXVK 0.92 is out! It apparently fixes rendering issues with LA Noire (not that it was a terribly good game to begin with, though) and a few other games get some bug fixes too (like Shadow of the Tomb Raider).

A new version of the old Snes9X SNES emulator is out. It supports GTK3 out of the box, and also Wayland. You can grab it here:

Valve is apparently working on a headset with integrated knuckles, and relatively high angle of vision (135 degrees). Could we expect decent VR hardware/software support this time around from day 1 on Linux?

Wine 3.20 dev version just came out. Many bug fixes, apparently there is some progress to fix the Elite Dangerous connection issues (while the game does not work completely yet). There are some news about Windows productivity applications too:

Microsoft announced at the same time that they acquire inXile Entertainment, who has been behind Wasteland 2 and Torment: Tides of Numenara. This brings massive RPG IPs under the Microsoft brand, I can't say this is super good news... :-/

Microsoft acquires Obsidian Entertainment. They were behind KOTOR2, Fallout New Vegas and many more recent RPGs as well such as Pillars of Eternity. This probably means that their future projects will be Windows or Xbox-only.

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