Ubuntu 19.10 will ship with proprietary NVidia Drivers. Not sure if it will be the default ISO or if they will provide several versions. forbes.com/sites/jasonevangelh

Continuing with Proton experiments. Jet Set Radio works perfectly after renaming one file and erasing another, and Valkyria Chronicles is flawless once you disable ESYNC in the launcher options. Now, I have got to unlock some more free time to play both!

Microsoft: Hey we have a modern terminal coming!
Devs: Does the shell support something like "&&" yet?

Valved released Proton 4.2-4, which makes it possible to play Rage 2 right after its release. There's a few other improvements as well: github.com/ValveSoftware/Proto

How much has Proton progressed over time to run Windows games under Linux? That's how much:

The FFVII Remake feels nothing like the real FFVII. And Aerith's voice sounds really, really dumb. Not a fan of what they did here: youtube.com/embed/qOn2bWuA_0w

Starcraft II running on Linux with D9VK on a GTX660 on high preset. I'll let you judge by yourselves: youtube.com/watch?v=fOm-PzOU-m

I grabbed Ni No Kuni II on Steam yesterday and I am happy to report it works perfectly on Linux with Steam Play/Proton. Finally a good JRPG that we can play just like everyone else. Note that character design is very nicely done, pure Level 5 work here.

You have got to recognize Mozilla for their consistency in running a shit show: not only do they forget to renew certificates and make all users see their extensions disabled, but their main page says nothing about the issue: mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/ - you need to go on "fix a problem" to see a minuscule banner that hardly gives any information and points to a URL without a proper link. So much incompetence is amazing!

Hey, Looks like Itch.io is getting some decent games now: SuperGiant games has just put their games there. Let's hope more publishers follow. supergiant-games.itch.io/ .io

Mozilla, the "champions of the Free Web" or whatever superlative they use to describe themselves, fucked up big time again on Firefox: bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug. Less marketing and more proper practices would be welcome, Mozilla...

Borderlands GOTY Enhanced works great on Proton and is one of the most popular games reported on ProtonDB in April 2019. Check out what other games were reported to work well in April: boilingsteam.com/borderlands-e

Uh Oh. Rocket League's developer, Psyonix, has been acquired by Epic. This means it's highly likely the game will be exclusive to the Epic Game Store in the very near future. How much do you love that, PC gamers? rocketleague.com/news/psyonix-

@frumble @linux
Better competition? I have never heard Steam users complaining that there was the need to have other stores with exclusive software before. What's the benefit exactly? You have to install x clients, keep them updated, deal with the non-nil possibility that some of them will fuck up in terms of security/user credentials/credit card info. Just to be able to play the same games that you could play on a single client before? I don't buy it. Nobody wants that.

Wow, pretty sad that Anno 1800 is exclusive on the Epic Store and Uplay... It used to be on pre-order on Steam but now you can't purchase it there. Despicable business practices. pcgamesn.com/anno-1800/player-

Toms Hardware is Hands-On With Valve's New Headset and Controllers. Looks like a step up from the Vive but not sure if they have something to justify the price point...


@Purism this offering is crazy--a single point of failure, to say nothing of the possibility of monitoring a large percentage of a user's activity by a single service provider. you're not much worse off using google tbh
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