#ValveIndex arrived today, here some unboxing pics.
Everything very high quality, feels and looks great!
Unfortunately I need a display port now, but I have only mini-dp on my notebook. Well, adapter ordered.
Can't wait trying the controllers.
With Beat Saber⚔️... on #Linux🐧😄

Developer: "Yum, I see free cheese... How can I resist?!"
Epic: "Come, my little one, we have good things in store (ha!) for you..."

Time for a quick poll... How did you find out about BoilingSteam in the first place?

Tim Sweeney has a strange habit of disparaging Linux (Ignoring it completely, or saying "Switching to Linux like moving to Canada when you don't like US politics"), taking exclusives away from Steam which is the only real platform supporting Linux gaming (lol GOG)... yet a few days ago he's starting to say "Linux is great", and that EAC Anti-cheat system's WINE support for Proton is still in the works.

Did someone hack his Twitter account? 😉

So what kind of new games work on Linux with Proton since June 2019? Well, Bloodstained Ritual of the Night, My Friend Pedro, Muse Dash... and more! Check out the list and videos here: boilingsteam.com/new-reports-p

Oh MY... I guess I did not pay attention recently, but ShenMue3 is now an EpicStore exclusive. forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2019 Seems like people running EGS can't fight on anything else and make these ridiculous moves that make you regret nobody sells physical games anymore on PC. Oh and Deep Silver, you guys are lamentable dicks too.

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@gigatexal@twitter.com @k_n3lson@twitter.com EAC has native Linux binaries in beta, supporting several native games in active release. This missing link is native Linux anti-cheat integration with Wine/Proton so that games running under Wine are protected. This is in the works but is a big task.

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We have reactivated our Twitter account, but in case you were confused, our position has not changed. Mastodon remains our primary communication channel. Twitter is just there for additional social media presence.

Curious about what NEW games were tested with Steam Play/Proton in June 2019, and how well they work? Here is the answer: boilingsteam.com/new-reports-p

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@k_n3lson@twitter.com Linux is a great. UE4, Epic Online Services, and Easy Anti-Cheat support it as a native runtime platform, and we’re seeking to better support Wine as a solution for running Epic Games store window titles.

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Since this may be of interest to a few people, I was asked how many Steam games have at least one ProtonDB rating - and the answer is 8627 at the end of June 2019, which is about 27% of all Steam Games (assuming there are about 31 000+ games on Steam). Not a bad sample.

RetroArch is coming to Steam end of July, first Windows only but Linux is expected afterwards too.


Proton's Recent Progress for Windows games compatibility on Linux is impressive: more than 75% of games are able to run (Silver ratings and higher): boilingsteam.com/proton-keeps-

Ubuntu Will Make it Easier to Install Nvidia Drivers

Ubuntu LTS will soon offer the latest stable drivers from Nvidia via the Stable Release Updates program.


Seriously? The president of Nintendo is called... Doug Bowser. Bowser! What are the chances? Do we live in a simulation? :-)

Idiot journalists have been claiming for years that the PC market is dead. Guess who should be surprised now that it grows sharply again?


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