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I took some time day to do some analysis on the gamers who contribute reports about Steam Play/Proton on ProtonDB. There are some cool findings - check it out!

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I had a bit of time today and decided to write about the potential negative impact of PC games stores fragmentation, and propose a future way out:

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Since there was a new data dump today on GitHub, I ran the same analysis on the ProtonDB contributors as I did last week. You can now see the results of December 2018:

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Codeweavers has published the first article in a series that relate to "working with WINE". The first part talks about the differences between Wine upstream and its forks like wine-staging and Proton.

On Reddit folks have already tested Tomb Raider 2013 and Dying Light with Proton vs their native client, and the verdict is out: Proton is much better than these "native" ports. Of course, the anti-Proton folks are going to say "these were not good ports!" always shifting goal posts as usual.

Interesting move by Valve: it's now possible to force Steam Play/Proton for games that are natively available on Linux. I guess we will now be able to do proper benchmarks of ports... :)

Not gaming-related per se, but PostMarketOS is making great strides to bring Linux on mobile devices:

Fallout New Vegas seems to render pretty well using DXUP, a translation layer converting DX9 code to DX11 (DXVK then handling the rendering):

Elite Dangerous on Proton/Steam Play for Linux. No idea what the actual configuration is in this video though...

@boilingsteam you could even try RPCS3, open source PS3 emulator, Yuzu, for the Switch, or Citra for 3DS ... ;)

Witcher 3 running on a recent combination of Wine 4.0 and DXVK 0.94 on a GTX970: I played this game with Wine and DXVK almost a year ago now (when DXVK was in 0.3x or something) and the progress is undeniable.

Overwatch running on WINE4.0+DXVK 0.95 on EPIC settings at an impressive framerate on a GTX970! How far we have come!

I would like to know more about this, but someone on youtube has posted Bayonetta running on AMD R9 with the latest Mesa (19-dev) at max details, 60 FPS. Not sure if it's Mesa doing its magic here, but on Nvidia it was worse as far as I can remember.

DXVK 0.95 is out. It seems like a minor release for bug fixes but one of the big news is that it could improve Assassin's Creed Odyssey's performance up to 20% in CPU-bound situations. Check out the change log:

Just tried CEmu (WiiU Emulator) for the first time today on Linux (it's a proprietary, Windows-only application) via Wine and it works very well. I'm amazed that such a recent console can be emulated so well.

10 LITTLE YEARS #10LittleYears

Little Foolery celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2019. For the event, we present an online gallery commemorating our titles from 2009-2018, featuring the talent of artists who helped inspire us.

Please enjoy.

#mastoart #creativetoots #LittleFoolery @sfeertheorist

@spelk @LibertyPaulM :) if I view a page/creator a lot I support them but I don't look at ads. Ads ruin the Internet!

OK I purchased Katamari Damacy REROLL on Steam today, and I can confirm that the game works well on Linux via Proton on Nvidia too. Note that you have to "force off" the controller configuration for your gamepad to be recognized. And you need to get past the tutorial to change the graphics settings... (just like on Windows, what a bad idea...). Otherwise looks like it works exactly as expected.

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