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In the recent past I also worked on SpongeBob Comics, writing and drawing a bunch of my own stories.

Here's an example spreading from a camping issue.

#spongebob #comics #art

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hi again

figured I'd mention a few things I've worked on as a character designer to add to my introduction.

I'm thinking some of you may have seen Bravest Warriors (?) well, I designed most of the characters for that cartoon, including, Catbug, Impossibear and Jelly Kid.

basically, all the little creatures in the series.


#animation #art #design #characters

follow me over on

I'll be posting more art and animation over there.

hey i hopped over to another instance. artist folks should check it out.

smaller user base, easier to chat with folks.

@jwdonley hey! thanks for the follow. do you know how to have multiple instance accounts? I'm curious about -thx

How come people on TV and in movies aren't on their phones ALL THE TIME?

internet circa 1930s: Why are studios limiting the styles of cartoon pigs? Isn't this the golden age of animation?? sad

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