Show more I have a number of opinions on the matter but I do not elect to share any of them with you at this time. At best, I am not impressed. = Bof!

@PhotonQyv @mattskala Thanks - I'm very active on the lines forum as bobbcorr - stop by and say hi.

Eventually got round to planting a load of bulbs in the back garden. Will post photie when we have some flowers to show.

This is where we started when we moved in.

Then we built a shed and installed eco friendly hardstanding.

The garden was dug over, overwintered and now we are starting to plant out. Garden for sitting and looking at with very little maintenance and no lawn - we will see.

remember, the results of the science march are inconclusive -- we need to conduct many more marches to study their effects, and for a proper double blind, everyone needs to be in black bloc

this toot is technically violating french law 

Tonight is CHINESE DUMPLING NIGHT. I will be firing up the steamer in about 10 minutes.

@Algot (sorry for the delay I was. . .traveling).

Yes, I am a regular traveler, and I am not a fan of sleeping away from home - which is why I choose my hotels *carefully* ;)

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Translation: I'M COMMITTED.

Judging by my JP Twitter feed there's been a significant amount of artists hopping onto Mastodon and that's rad. I hope they setup some kind of instance for art.

Hey everyone - just back from a long trip, hope you're all doing well.

@vigilanteoftime (opens window)

Hey, some of us are tryin' to sleep!

(grumbles, throws shoe)

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