Eventually got round to planting a load of bulbs in the back garden. Will post photie when we have some flowers to show.

This is where we started when we moved in. mastodon.cloud/media

Then we built a shed and installed eco friendly hardstanding. mastodon.cloud/media

The garden was dug over, overwintered and now we are starting to plant out. Garden for sitting and looking at with very little maintenance and no lawn - we will see.

@bobcorrigan Not as yet. So far daffs, bluebells, gladies, convallaria, phlox, astilbe, hostas,iris, liatris, viola, primroses, euphorbia, two box hedges, 3 pittosporum, white lilac, stunted elm, glorious mature punk-pink acer, flowering jasmine, bay leaf tree, rosemary, oregano, thyme and in pots lillies.

We have sown meadow flower seeds across the entire plot. So we should have the area bee-happy.

Small pond whose sole inhabitant is a stand of irises. Currently in a bright blue plastic box.


@crowdyke If you're growing those plants you would definitely be able to grow fritillaries, at a minimum *F. meleagris* (and the white alba variant of course).

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