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Updated the Blog Oklahoma Podcast calendar with the updated schedule. (Starting Sept 8)

Did a little cost cutting during the podcast reorganization. Removed and consolidated my GSuite. $6 an account can add up quick. I found where to set Aliases. So it's like still having those email accounts without actually having them.

August, 30, 1994 – Randolph Dial, a sculptor and painter convicted of a 1981 murder, escaped from the Oklahoma State Reformatory. On the same day Bobbi Parker disappeared from staff housing at the reformatory, where her husband worked. On Apr 4, 2005, she was found living with Randolph Dial on a chicken farm in Texas. In 2011 Bobbi Parker was sentenced to a year in jail for helping Dial escape.

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From: ABC News
NEW: Johnson & Johnson says it plans to appeal $572 million judgment: "Janssen did not cause the opioid crisis in Oklahoma, and neither the facts nor the law support this outcome."

An Oklahoma judge has ruled that drugmaker Johnson & Johnson helped ignite the state's opioid crisis by deceptively marketing painkillers, and must pay $572 million to the state.

RT Oklahoma Watch @OklahomaWatch
From Balkman's ruling ordering @JNJCares to pay $572M: "As part of Defendants' marketing and advocacy programs aimed at increasing opioid prescriptions, in addition to influencing doctors, defendants employed strategies to influence a wide range of governmental agencies ...governmental agencies ..."

RT Oklahoma Watch @OklahomaWatch
More from Judge Balkman's ruling in Oklahoma's : The greater Weight of the evidence shows that defendants did, in fact, engage in such false and misleading marketing and the law is clear that such conduct qualifies ... under Oklahoma's nuisance law."

Born in Osage CO. 1839. Died Aug. 3, 1923. He was Governor of the Osages four times and a member of the Council seven times. His sole aim in life was the welfare of his people.

The Chief Ne-Kah-Wah-She-Tun-Kah Grave and Statue was added to the National Register Of Historic Place in 1979.

Located in Fairfax Cemetery, Fairfax, Oklahoma.

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