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Yoga at Your Desk

> Yoga at your desk is perfect for anybody who spends much time working at a computer or in a cubicle. This sequence is ideal for those who want to sneak in a quick yoga break or for those who are in healing and want to practice a little bit of opening with the support of a chair.

'We have no plans to pay the ransom': Broken Arrow schools affected by ransomware attack, officials say:

The football regular season begins in about a month. How do you think your school will do this year?
Let us know at the Oklahoma High School Sport Forum:

don't forget this weekend is the Sales Tax Holiday for clothing and shoes. Get that back to school shopping in.


If you would rather use the Tweetdeck like multi-column view instead of the single column view

Edit profile > Preferences > Appearance > check Enable advanced web interface.

I'll be sharing my other topics list soon. Working on that now.

Here are the next few Oklahoma History episodes I'll be working on:

- Babbs Switch
- Red River Bridge War
- Green Corn Rebellion
- California Trail / Road
- Cheyenne Heritage Trail
- Osage Murders
- Great Western Trail

I'm researching and writing up notes now, and will soon start working on the scripts.

This will be the working list for the time being. This should make things easier on me. Ha.

I've been slowly trying to disconnect from Facebook. The EU GDPR thing might be good enough excuse to remove any FB widgets from our websites. Just a thought.

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