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New to the Blog Oklahoma Bonus playlist on : Rain On The Scarecrow by John Mellencamp

Don't forget to join our group if you join . I'll be posting MeWe tips and tricks.

For you folks. We launched a new group over there for Oklahoma weather discussion.

After a long afternoon and switching microphones, a new episode of the Blog Oklahoma Podcast is now up. Yay!
Blog Oklahoma Podcast 061. In this episode we take a look at a new social network, MeWe. Welcome to Blog Oklahoma.
You can listen, read the show…

Started recording this week's episode, but I think my XML 990 microphone is broken. Switching to another mic. Will have to record the entire podcast over. Or I will as soon as the motorcycle and helicopter leave my area. O_o

New to the Blog Oklahoma Bonus playlist on : Show Me The Way by Peter Frampton

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