So you’ve returned my old friend. Now the challenge really begins. Can I write a podcast episode by Sunday. Hmmm.

"In January 1955, the WKY-TV studio is converted into a sterile surgical room to televise an operation via closed circuit television. ... viewed only by attendees to a conference at the Skirvin Hotel where the Oklahoma Obstetrical and Gynecological Society was meeting. Beverly Hardway, at left, and Marianne Barnett are shown preparing for the event. [PHOTO BY CLIFF KING, THE OKLAHOMAN ARCHIVES]"

Carrie Barefoot Dickerson (24 May 1917 – 17 November 2006) was an American activist who led citizen efforts to stop construction of the proposed Black Fox Nuclear Power Plant in Oklahoma.

img: Tulsa World

OUCH! Some asshats are out there posting pr0n in the clear in the federated timeline. I know its not a reflection of the service, most people use the CW (nsfw) features.
Figures this would happen after giving is such praise to Mastodon in yesterday's podcast. Fun.

I was asked how I put together our show notes. I use MarkdownPad2 for all my show notes.

By doing everything in Markdown, it makes the process so much easier and quicker than typing in full HTML.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 059: Goodbye Google+

> Happy 2019 everyone. It's good to be back behind the microphone. In this episode we say goodbye to Google+, we find out where I've been for the last couple of months, and introduce you to our brand new website.

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