RT @newson6wxguy: Hey, @Rocklahoma fans!

Things are lookin' pretty good for this evening, but still can't completely rule out an isolated storm trying to bubble up so just stay aware as you rock out! 🤘 @NewsOn6 t.co/qJrO4U4Q1j

RT @NWSNorman: A severe thunderstorm watch has been issued for parts of Oklahoma and Texas until 11 PM CDT. t.co/Mg5dedF7RK

Live Video: Kilauea Lava Flow Activity In Lower Puna Hawaii

Been watching this all week.

Simplenote is a light, clean, and free multi platform cloud based notepad.

RT @MicahSingleton: YouTube Music is here, and it’s good. The best launch of any music streaming service in recent memory. Still missing some power user features but Google is finally getting serious about music streaming, and it shows. t.co/WoUkgNId2b t.co/xXZbY6NrFt

RT @TheNextWeb: StumbleUpon is calling it quits after 16 years t.co/CbqC7sxiWm

RT @verge: Facebook’s new two-factor authentication process no longer requires a phone number t.co/chuDrgAwsT t.co/FiI3ztVjkj

RT @thehill: Twitter unveils new election security feature ahead of 2018 midterm elections t.co/QyXSO51nkY t.co/iuiyoqBZOx

Live Video: Kilauea Lava Flow Activity In Lower Puna Hawaii

RT @KSWO_7NEWS: Oklahoma governor lifts burn bans in all but 7 counties

t.co/eqqOa6X7bE t.co/mAKrBbexLN

New to the @blogoklahoma playlist: Nights In White Satin - Single Version by The Moody Blues t.co/fRUTQAphY6

RT @boingboing: Congress wants to extend the copyright on some sound recordings to 144 years t.co/Cf00S8k0V4 t.co/1M6IHhFmfa

RT @KTULNews: Pioneer Woman, Carrie Underwood to be inducted into Oklahoma Hall of Fame t.co/uIILYBC6eI t.co/nndEUuSFZa

Google announces YouTube Music and YouTube Premium - The Verge t.co/fv0rBEHhqD

RT @BreakingNews: U.S. Senate votes to save , but the measure faces a bleak future before the US House - @NBCPolitics t.co/06nLCWMwLM

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