> The Oklahoma logo is the single-most important visual element of our visual identity, and it functions as a powerful identifier of our state. with @get_repost
We didn’t have many people doing this in front of our old signs! New ones look great!

The new logo makes me think of skiing. Oklahoma is famous for its skiing. O_o

Oklahoma Voter Registration Deadline - Friday, February 7th. If you're not registered by then you can't vote in the Presidential Primary on March 3rd.

Democratic Primaries to Welcome Independent Voters

> The Oklahoma Democratic Party is reminding voters that the Oklahoma Primary and Runoff Primary Elections are open to registered No Party/Independent voters until November 2021.

#oklahoma #okvotes2020 #vote

Why is that even an option? I counted 8 banner ads on one page alone. O_o

At most there are two ad slots I use. This show ads, but they're not obtrusive.

Really Google. You turned on that really stupid and lazy feature on everyone of my sites?

Turning that OFF now.

Damn it Google. Why did you turn on Ad auto posting? Digging for settings now. Google seems to think they can put ads anywhere they want. Sorry for the annoyance.

The Blog Oklahoma Podcast is going to be on hiatus for a little longer.

My grandmother left for heaven on Friday at the age of 96. There she’ll be with her family in joyous reunion. We're all saddened by this, but we know she's at peace.

Thank you for all the kind words to our family over the weekend.

I'll be back in a few weeks. - K.

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