Residents in 4 central Oklahoma counties can now text 911 for emergency help

Sample ballots are now available for the November 12 elections at: If you have an election, you will be able to view a sample ballot. For the complete list of elections, go to:

Quite a few local and county elections throughout the state. There are no small elections.

Blog Oklahoma Podcast 064: Impeachment 2

> Last year I did an episode all about impeachment. I told of the time Oklahoma impeached and removed two sitting Governors. I briefly went over what it took to impeach a President on a federal level. My how the news catches up with you at times. Let's talk about it. Welcome to Blog Oklahoma.

Finished recording this week’s podcast. Need to finish up the show notes. Will be publishing much later tonight.

Carla Hayden today announced that country music titan Garth Brooks is the next recipient of the Library of Congress for Popular Song. The multiple hall of famer is the youngest recipient of the prize.

Might have to look this service over.

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JUST IN: Federal appeals court upholds net neutrality repeal but rules FCC can't block state internet laws

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