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no nazis on the elephant site; no nazis anywhere

mastodon is like early twitter but more federated
i am unsure of how to feel

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me: octopi are able to hug 4 people simultaneously, because god blessed them with the ability. however, they don't even ever hug one person, because they have made covenant with the devil. any questions
churchgoer: where did our regular pastor go
me: he is in a better place now. sit down immediately

whatever complaints you might have about mastodon, you have to give it credit for not being called tooter

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Horny Translation Tool 

horny: heehee i am sliiimyyy, i am griimyyy. i slither and slide, leaving a trail of slimeee
NON-HORNY: hello, how may i assist you?

horny: yum yum! slurrrrpy crunch. licky licky
NON-HORNY: of course i can take you to the bread aisle

broke: whatever floats your boat
woke: whatever boosts your toot

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Just ate a slice of bread Boost if you've ever eaten bread

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