In other news, went to Cabaret 2.0 event at the Annapolis Shakespeare Company last night. A really good time. Next up for us at ASC: Richard III.

Aaaand, it's time to go into Ravenholm ... but I'm tired to nearly crossed eyes, so I think I'll pass for now, and read instead.

The afore-mentioned closet project. Used to be full of those hideous wire shelving racks from Home Depot. This is pine shelving, oak hanging rods, and wood-shop fabricated brackets:

In the slightly longer term, time to prep the garden for veggie planting in late April, probably after my birthday. By then the risk of a late frost is very low...

Over on the Windows box, I'm visiting City 17 again. On the nightstand, I've got bookmarks in Amanda Palmer's The Art of Asking (first reading) and Arthur Clarke's 3001 (haven't read for a couple of decades). Downstairs, the woodshop needs a cleanup after the closet remodel project. Next week? Formal Ansible training. It's good to be diversified, neh?

Speaking of which, where the fuck is my IPv6, VZ!?!?

The @sweetmarias Sumatra Lintong Boru Batak I roasted last Saturday is delicious. Complex flavor profile, great mouth feel. Recommended

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With an account on an instance set up by a guy who seems nice enough but has no incentive to keep it going once he gets bored with it, everything I do on Mastodon feels built on sand....

Oh, hey .. vendors? I see you at a conference, I expect a follow-up call and/or email. But you add me to your mailing list without confirmation or permission? Never gonna do biz with you...

Yah, I have to go with: Animated avatars are the spawn of Satan *and* reminiscent of GeoCities homepages. Just sayin'

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oh and my followers count isn't getting falsified by porn bots

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gonna install the mobile client, see how that works out!

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