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The sun is out in , and the elite women are lining up for their Worldcup race in the legendary . One of the greatest course of the season - and my personal favourite, ahead of Namur.

Du weisst, dass der Herbst begonnen hat, wenn auf am Samstag Nachmittag live gezeigt wird.
Heute das Superprestige-Rennen aus . Schlamm ist allerdings Fehlanzeige hier - ein Pfütze gesichtet in einer Wiese, das war's dann schon.

Zu fällt mir spontan ein: Bock, Gärtner, -Verband.
Eine komplette Fehlbesetzung, wer alle anderen und Journalisten für Propaganda-Agenten eines -ähnlichen Regimes hält.

ist weg.
Döpfner muss weg.

Während dem ganzen Land einen verordnet und jeden Tag mehr als 1000 Menschen sterben, produziert noch immer dazu, was bei uns alles schief laufe rund um .
Derweil sehen manche Schwurbler hier als grosses Vorbild und wollen sich wenn überhaupt nur den -Impfstoff reinhauen. Und der Gurkengoebbels träumte davon, dass Putin mit dem Regime Merkels aufräume. Komplett verpeilt.

Übrigens: Der Name , der beginnt mit eine "R" und endet mit einem "T" - just saying...
als nächste Station?

Springer soll bitte den zum Chefredaktoren der machen - dann nervt der nicht mehr in der Schweiz rum und kann sich wichtig fühlen.

Aus aktuellem Anlass und zum Abgang von bei die Frage:
Wer/was ist für den in die grösste Gefahr?

Sometimes it may take a bit longer, but you can rely on to bite the ass of bastards one day. That also goes for 's editor in chief and master of demagoguery who has been released from duty from right-wing editing house today.

Remarkably Springer and Reichelt succeeded in preventing an article on his wrong-doings to be published in German , so the scoop went to @nytimes. Now there are some questions to be asked in Germany.

alert: The image below does NOT show protests against the green pass in the city of , .

What it does show instead is the Quaibrücke in during the techno festival known as .

Strangely this image seems to be irresistible for fakenews-spreading loonies, as it has already been abused by minions in 2016 and fuckheads in 2020.

Disingenuous and lacking any creativity - apart from coming up with crazy conspiracy theories, that is.

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TAKE NOTE: are not a whole lot better than islamists when it comes to attacking and degrading the community.

The 's (NC) has called calls any non-heterosexual acts . Which is utter nonsense. The only kind of that is a no-go is . As long as two adult and mature, responsible persons agree to it, it's none of Robinson's darn business. Or that of any other Christian bigot. So STFU, thank you!

After the latest election in the , shows what a rotten piece of dung he really is despite being kept on the ICU. Just as bad as his corrupt buddy who actually lost the election and still wants to remain in office as prime minister, with Zeman's help.

Keep in mind Zeman enjoys brown-nosing and 's murderous regime and awful lot as well. seems to be an inconvenience for folks like him. Time to get rid of him, really.

Scheduled to start in 4h45 from now: the online live stream of RB , possibly the most impressive freeride and slopestyle event of the world.

Here's the direct link to the stream:

According to newspaper , the deadly blaze in happened in a building where safety issues had been found in 2019, 2020 and in May 2021. Sadly no action was taken, which has lead to the loss of 46 lives.

As great as all the in may be, there needs to be and as well.

And yes: That building at the Northern end of Kaohsiung's Fubei Road does look very dodgy on Google Streetview.

I have spent plenty of nights on upper floors of tall buildings in - mostly hotels, but also in private apartments.
More than an , I was worried about possible and escape routes that were obviously insufficient for the amount of people staying in the building.

My heartfelt condolences go out to those who have lost friends, family or loved ones in the fire. So far, the death toll has climbed to 46.

Früher haben wir uns noch voll verstrahlt reingezogen.
Heute liefern sich die reichsten Kapitalisten des Planeten mit teils phallisch anmutenden Raketen einen Wettlauf ins All, um beim Blick zurück auf die Erde zu merken, wie klein diese ist und wie beschränkt ihre Ressourcen.

One more thing; Of course is advocating the use of and . Why not inject some bleach or shove a UV light up yours, Allen? Because that would mean less profit for ?
Dishonest and greedy politicians are bad enough in normal times. They are toxic in times of a pandemic.

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But that's not all yet from . Here's what this muppet had to say from his hospital bed:
“I can attest that, after this experience, I am even more dedicated to fighting against vaccine mandates,” West tweeted. “Instead of enriching the pockets of Big Pharma and corrupt bureaucrats and politicians, we should be advocating the monoclonal antibody infusion therapy.”

Sure, advocating a very expensive treatment is NOT enriching .

Oh the dishonesty! (2/2)

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Here's a particular gem from the universe: member and gubernatorial candidate , a demagogue and darling of the , has been hospitalized.
While his vaccinated wife could leave the hospital after a short while, anti-vaxxer West received a monoclonal antibody treatment.

So this guy accepts an experimental rather than a . A therapy that pro-life figures should never accept if they were serious about their convictions... (1/2)

Eines muss ich kurz los werden: Die Herren haben auch eher einen -Komplex, wie mir scheint. Die Republik wegen der Hausdurchsuchung klagen: Genau mein Humor, Scham kennen die schon mal gar nicht!

Today is , the national holiday of . Which is a country of its own and most definitely not a part of China.
, free and democratic Taiwan!

On this very day, I have to applaud an action performed last week in at the Consulate of . It's only a projection of light, no damage has been done to the building - maybe to some fragile minds of Chinese *communists*, but that's not really a problem then.

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