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Even better than saving you from getting seriously ill from (yes, you can still get the critter, but your chance to go to hospital or die will be drastically lower), the will save you from wasting money on concerts of the utterly mad weirdo known as .
Speaking of a slippery slope, Slowhand has been picking up speed throughout the .

PS: Spouting anti-vaxxer bullshit while being vaccinated makes you what exactly?

Great to hear that has signed a contract on the delivery of 36 million shots of against .

Not so great to hear that foundation is buying 5 million shots of 's vaccine from the shameless rascals known as Shanghai who are blatantly politicizing the delivery of vaccines, trying to enforce the acceptance of the failed policy through .

needs to be kept out of this.

Small country, big cojones: Massive props and to for not kowtowing to and for agreeing to open a Taiwanese Representative Office in Lithuania. Not «Republic of », not «, province of China» and not «Chinese Taipei» - only «Taiwanese» in its name - excellent.

Here's a call to all free and democratic states: Follow the lead of Lithuania and establish formal ties with . Who cares what those CCP bastards yell?

With only a few days to go for the opening ceremony of , it's time to point at an ugly fact where stain the spirit of the :
Due to the constant pressure of , athletes from are only allowed to participate under the laughable «Chinese Taipei» designation.
This is the consequence of the kowtowing to the .

To this I say: .
After all most athletes
- are not from Taipei
- identify as , NOT Chinese

Das neuste Schlagwort der lautet : sollen angeblich Spike-Proteine ausstossen und so Ungeimpfte anstecken und gefährden - über Hautkontakt oder Aerosole.
Kurzum: Geimpfte sollen inmitten einer nun die Gefährder sein und nicht .
Es ist einfach unsäglich und unverantwortlich, wie faktenresistente Schwurbler alles daran setzen, die Gesellschaft zu spalten.

alert: to be thrown out of 's Big Brother VIP and out of the country for flouting rules and conditions.

So basically this highly toxic figure from the has been a foreigner unwilling to follow rules of the host country - pretty much what she's been ranting about all of her miserable life.
Keep in mind she's also been thrown out of for having a fit on what looked like meth.
Stay classy, Katie.

Good news for all who crave -style in : Simon says is opening today, serving a proper selection of menus from to water spinach, from beef noodles to braised pork belly and scallion pancakes - and yes: popcorn chicken. Pretty sure I'll have to go and give it a try next time I'm in Zurich!


Yes: needs and deserves to go to . For all of his greed and , for selling out to and for belittling the threat of . Keep in mind that nobody is above the law.

Zuma should never have become the president of South Africa. It was all too clear that this was the wrong choice. And yes: the acts of violence that are now being committed by his supporters in unacceptable.

If the leaked report from is true, it's a proper bomb: authorized three agencies of to explore ways to interfere with the in 2016 and to push the 's candidate aka Agent Orange.

There is a brief psychological assessment of , who is described as an “impulsive, mentally unstable and unbalanced individual who suffers from an inferiority complex”.

Well-assessed, chapeau.

Mal wieder ein schönes Ding von @artefr : Reportage über das -Labor .

Highly recommended view: 's documentary on in Taiwan.

After having seen violently enforcing their way into stadium with no tickets or certificate and reading about the abuse against various players in socialmedia, decided not to come home but to book a trip to Rome instead.

Seriously, what is wrong with the lowest of low-lives in ?

Covid19-Schwurbler sind für mich keine Gegenüber in einer Diskussion - wie auch Kreationisten und Flat Earther nicht. Die mute ich einfach.

Null Bock auf alternative Realitäten, sorry.

Der liebste -Politiker aller , und -Proleten, Hans-Georg , spricht sich für eine ÜBerprüfung von aus und wirft Mitarbeitenden der Verbindungen in die |e Szene vor.

Ich werfe Maaßen Verbindungen in die |e Szene vor, bis hin zur offenen Komplizenschaft.

Finger weg von den , Du rechtsreaktionärer Sack! Und an die CDU: Finger weg von Maaßen!

Nochmals kurz zum -: Die kostet stand heute nichts - ausser der Zeit für die zwei Termine. Schnelltests kosten bis zu einer gewissen Anzahl über einen Zeitraum hinweg nichts.
Nun tauchen Betrüger auf, die gefälschte Zertifikate für €100.- andrehen? Dass diese Schwurbler im Oberstübchen wurmstichig sind, war ja schon auf Grund von ihrem Gelaber klar. Dass sie sich ihr |tum auch noch viel Kohle kosten lassen, erstaunt schon eher.

Hunde verängstigende Böller während dem Spiel abfeuern, danach Flaschenwürfe, Pöbeleien und dann noch ein Fahrrad, das ihnen nicht gehörte, schmeissen: Eine Horde geschniegelter Arschlöcher (viel Gel im Haar, Sonnenbrille, Männerhandtaschen von Louis Vuitton) von Schweizer "Fans" hat sich gestern in der Steibi heftig daneben benommen. Musste mich schwer beherrschen, ihre Pöbelei nicht als Steilvorlage anzunehmen. Der Besitzer vom Fahrrad blieb weniger cool. Volles Verständnis.

Very funny how , a regional at odds with pretty much all of its neighboring states, thinks it's being bullied. There's that good old mechanism known as , again.

Under the , China is not a force of peace and stability. It's on a mission to make injustices from the much-hyped "century of humiliation" even.

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One party to rule them all? 's is celebrating itself at its 100th anniversary, not mentioning the of more than 60 million Chinese that it is responsible for.
Instead, threatens the world and in particular, rambling about a wall of steel.

The typical ramblings of an old senile bastard.

After the activists and , 's next target in is the of the judiciary and thus the .

If you are still in Hong Kong, you've missed the right moment to leave. You are now living in just another city in oppressive authoritarian one-party dictatorship known as China. That's what really was about, from the beginning.

Resist Beijing, .

It's about time that the gets to swallow its own poison. Of course the and is a .
Zhongnanhai can scream and yell as much as it likes, it does not change a thing, on the other hand should refer to the China-Japan joint statement as a "historic document of little relevance".
As I said: Make the CCP swallow its own poison.
PS: For me, entering Taiwan's with military planes again and again is a «serious violation».

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