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war ein xenophobes Arschloch und ein Demagoge der übelsten Sorte. Und er war Spross einer stinkreichen Familie und damit Teil der Elite, spielte sich aber als Verteidiger des von bedrohten, kleinen Mannes in der auf.

Es steckt viel in Herrschaften wie oder . Die hat Schwarzenbach beerbt und beackert seither fleissig die .

If you call for to be put on a list of organizations, you
a) have not understood how Antifa actually functions as a non-hierarchic movement.
b) have to answer the question if you are or sympathize with actual |s.

b) is all the more likely if you call heavily armed rightwing extremists «fine people» and encourage them to openly challenge the power of Governors and state executives.

After the successful effort, an acting mayor for will be appointed by 's Executive Yuan with a by-election to be held within three months.

Safe to say that Total Recall is not 's favourite movie...

More on today's historic vote here:

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No more Korean fish in 's townhall: is the first head of one of 's special municipalities to get recalled from office.
Two years ago, Han had gathered 892'545 votes in his favor to become the mayor of the nation's second largest city. Today 939'090 votes were in favour of his recall and only 25'051 against. Looks like the 's call not to participate in the recall vote resonated with its supporters.
A defeat for Han and the KMT, a win for in Taiwan.

Great to see losing one talking point after the other in his nonsensical attempt to further divide the people in the - citizens of different colours, migrants of different statuses, be it legal or not.

His attacks on players who during the anthem have been harsh and relentless. Keep in mind that 70% of the NFL players are , but none of the club owners. Better take a stance late than never.

Great to see that in the current tense situation in the some people do not refuse to leave their bubble and to engage with the other side to understand their motives.

I have ripped into for parroting 's false stance on protests. Now I have to compliment him for talking to team mates and members of the black community to understand the issue at hand.

Admitting that you've been wrong is never easy. Neither is contradicting Trump.

Ceterum censeo: 's union is everything that is wrong with PIGS in uniforms.

Cops need to be held accountable, and their use of force needs to be appropriate at all times. Neither of the two seems to be the case in Buffalo.

Sadly too many cops are bastards. And cowards who beat up elderly and women. Despicable cowards who demand respect rather than deserving it.

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On the birdie network of shame whichs name shalt not be mentioned in the Fediverse, piece of shit calls for hunting down *terrorists* in cities in the «as terrorists are hunted down in the ». Some folks really want a , do they? Some state-sponsored assassinations by Navy Seals and some drone attacks in the centres of American cities, anyone? If you do not agree, out GOP dickheads like Gaetz in November!

Schön, wenn 40 Keyboard-Warriors und völkische Maulhelden heute ihre Kampfhose mal gestrichen voll haben.

Es darf kein sicheres Hinterland für und geben. Solche Entgleisungen müssen zeitnah Konsequenzen haben. wurde bereits ermordet. Zeit, mit diesem gewaltbereiten aufzuräumen, mit den Mitteln des Rechtsstaats.

Sounds as if quarterback is another example for the detrimental effects of concussions and head injuries for a human's cognitive performance.

Yo bum, you could have asked plenty of POCs in your own bloody team what the protests are all about - and no, it's not to disrespect a silly flag, you patridiotic mouth-breathers! But instead of asking team mates, Drew chose to believe the lies of Trump.

Don't be an idiot - don't be like Drew.

Seeing cops in the pepperspraying who have already surrendered is truly sickening.
And sadly this disqualifies to talk bad about 's repression in .

That this has happened in the week before the 31st anniversary of the massacre is simply infuriating: The orange idiot in chief makes it way to easy for 's propaganda to deflect criticism with whataboutism.

Oh, I see the blowfrog in chief is already backpedaling on his threat to deploy the against protests in cities across the , even against the will of governors, mayors and his own Secretary of Defense. Can we call this immature bully a shit-talker from here? And treat him as such?

Don't quote him - have him analyzed by a psychiatrist, again and again. Mad is as mad does.

June 4th 1989.

31 years ago on this very day the hopes that would find a constructive way out of the were drowned in the blood of hundreds and thousands of the brightest young Chinese.

can do what it likes, it can even outlaw vigils in , but the on square will not be forgotten. The has spilled the blood of its own people, again and again. This regime must fall.

This is how is trying to rewrite the history of .

From silencing doctor and others (December 2019) to not answering questions from regarding a novel virus similar to SARS (December 31st) to denying person-to-person infections all the way to January 31st, was not fully transparent. China tried to keep its face - and landed squarely on it instead.

Keep in mind: This critter could have been contained if it were not for the and its .

A that hides behind shields and barricades is .
A government that threatens its own citizens with military violence is illegitimate.
A president trying to blame damages from violent protests against to , trying to label them as domestic terrorists, is a himself.

The orange idiot needs to be gone before the is gone.

It's time for the and the in particular to take a stance.

The are approaching the very scenario that its founding fathers had in mind when they came up with the right to carry arms to protect the , the of the country and the health and lives of its people against an usurper of the office resorting to acts of violence.

If goes down with in orange, all the better not just for the , but for the entire world.

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Soso: Als der noch ein Suchender war, hat er nem |en Gesinnungsgenossen ein krass |es Buch signiert.

Ich bin kein bisschen überrascht.
Was mich überrascht: Wie viele Menschen den als pro--Position nur schwach verhüllten der neuen Rechten mit einer Freundschaft zum verwechseln. Macht Euch nichts vor: auch die ist durch und durch antisemitisch, und das Gewäsch von der judeo-christlichen Leitkultur reine Heuchelei.

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