One more thing: Orwell'ian state security law also extends to citizens of other states. If you have ever criticized the or ore openly supported the cause of the people in , , or , do not transit through Hong Kong anymore. You might get arrested and extradited to the .

Having said this, all democratic states should immediately cancel any existing treaties with Hong Kong.

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Over 100 police raid Hong Kong’s China-critical newspaper and arrest its owner

Hong Kong police on Monday arrested media mogul Jimmy Lai and searched the offices of his flagship newspaper, Apple Daily, in the most high-profile case to date against democracy activists in the former

#Lukor #News #AppleDaily #China #HongKong #JimmyLai #journalists #newspapers #pressfreedom

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In terms of and , has always been considered as the canary in the coalmine.

is killing the that Hong Kong is known for quickly. Seeing being arrested is the final nail in the coffin.

has killed off the model. The entire region needs to oppose Beijing's unilateral moves to change the . will be of no use against and the .

Is reckless warlord full of shit? We know how much was stored at 's harbour for multiple years. No one needs to fire a rocket at this blatant proof of neglect. This catastrophe is home-made, and Aoun should stop spreading unfounded rumors and conspiracy theories, trying to blame foreign forces. Aoun is part of the reason why is such a bloody mess in the first place. Ta guele, Michel, ta guele.

If the leader of a country that has 1000 casualties per day due to gets all mad about energy-saving LED lights and how bad they make him look (uhumm...) compared to old light bulbs, you know that
A. that country is in deep trouble seen the lack of leadership.
B. the scumbag in charge is all appearance and zero substance.

You gotta feel sorry for the mess that the are in.

Wenn Staatsanwälte aus lauter Sympathie für die nicht sauber ermitteln in Sachen in , dann ist das ein Angriff auf den , der gravierende Folgen haben muss: Sollten sich die Vorwürfe der Befangenheit und der nachlässigen Ermittlungen erhärten, sind diese Staatsanwälte aus dem Staatsdienst zu entlassen - fristlos und unter Verlust vom Beamtenstatus.

@z112 Seen the ongoing issues in Lebanon (factional warfare, endemic corruption and nepotism), the safe storage of hazardous goods might not be a top priority for officials in the harbour of Beirut.

That in most definitely was NOT caused by some stored corn. I guess there were fertilizers or fireworks or both stored in that warehouse that blew up. 10 casualties thus far, I'm afraid that number will grow much bigger as the rescue operation continues.

The strive to maximize the has led to the continuous gutting of . And sadly more often than not and demagogues act as if they were defending the rights of workers while they got rich from stocks, milking the same workers. Worker's rights do not depend on nationality, but on employment!

Der designierte neue Präsident der , Mario Chiesa, identifiziert sich mit dem Slogan «Switzerland first».

Da holt eine weit gehend deutschschweizerische Partei also einen Tessiner, damit dieser einen dümmlichen -Slogan auf Englisch rezykliert, der vor nur so strotzt?

Avanti dilettanti, was der schadet, kann für die wirklich nur gut sein. Denn war noch nie Teil der Erfolgsformel dieses Landes.

While this might be a bit mean to say, the way as 2012 GOP presidential primary candidate and Tea Party activist died could not have been more suitable: At the age of 74, he went to to wave a flag and listen to the orange imbecile. Cain contracted at that event (there are photos of him attending that rally without a mask) and now died from it.

Take this seriously or live with it or a long time to come.

My sincerest condolences go out to the friends and family of . This man epitomizes much of what is so special about : Born in Japanese-ruled Taiwan and partly educated in , he was the first chair of Taiwanese origin, and he was a key figure in ending the one-party rule of this party and in the transition to .
In short: Larger than life. May he rest in peace.

First time watching a live race in 4.5 months. 18.5kms to go in stage 1 of the . Blue skies, dry landscapes and the colourful peloton make for some nice contrasts.

If there will ever be a documentary on being made, it should be named «From mayor to nightmare».

Why is it that politicians friendly of often turn out to be the most bullshitters on this planet like ? It's so frustrating to see progressive and liberal folks not siding with and Taiwan in its constant struggle with authoritarian 's expansionism and thinly veiled aggression. Come on, folks, this is not a partisan issue. If you do not want to side with and , you have to .

39.7°C recorded in today - the highest temperature ever to be recorded in the capital of . I do know why I avoid visiting Taiwan from May to late September: It's not just the typoons, the heat and humidity are simply too much for Westerners to bear.

WTF: , reaktionärer Besserwisser vom Dienst, Biograph von Blochers Gnaden und gescheiterter Chefredakteur bei der , darf nun auf den Seiten vom (und damit auch bei vielen weiteren, von aufgekauften Zeitungen) seine Verachtung für die breitwalzen. Warum sind so viele Blocher-Fans auch Fans des pathologischen Lügners ?

, proudly run by the since the early 90ies. Kick them bastards off the G8 for good. Resorting to hacking and IP theft amidst a : That is more than just brazen, that's like telling the entire world to fuck off.

Stay classy, !

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