My sincerest condolences go out to the friends and family of . This man epitomizes much of what is so special about : Born in Japanese-ruled Taiwan and partly educated in , he was the first chair of Taiwanese origin, and he was a key figure in ending the one-party rule of this party and in the transition to .
In short: Larger than life. May he rest in peace.

Finally has some money that shows the main island of the country rather than . Sadly it's only vouchers that are supposed to get consumption back up to normal levels at the many of the nation.

Some additional impressions from : Pier2 arts district, KW2 warehouse at Banana pier and the city's flashy, new railroad station. All images shot in April 2019.

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With the opening of the bridge that connects 's art district with the Pier 3 area, 's southern-most large city has a new attraction for tourists who want to discover the harbor area. Add the public transport that is pretty convenient, and you're up for a proper experience in Taiwan's gate to the world.

sorgt tatsächlich für mehr Ruhe in Wohnquartieren. Und nicht nur das: Es macht den motorisierten Verkehr deutlich weniger tödlich für Fussgänger und . Aber klar: Wer sich von der zahlen lässt, will davon nichts hören.

Great image from yesterday in : A activist carries away some rightwing extremist scum. Those knuckle-draggers had come to London to protect statues of slave owners, slave traders and actors of imperial crimes but ended up attacking the and pissing on a memorial plate for a cop killed in a terror attack instead. Truly Britains finest being carried away.

BREAKING: (at least) 27 percents of (US-)Americans are utterly gullible and most likely brain-dead.

A man of faith? only worship material items. Poor buggers.

Ceterum censeo: 's union is everything that is wrong with PIGS in uniforms.

Cops need to be held accountable, and their use of force needs to be appropriate at all times. Neither of the two seems to be the case in Buffalo.

Sadly too many cops are bastards. And cowards who beat up elderly and women. Despicable cowards who demand respect rather than deserving it.

This is how is trying to rewrite the history of .

From silencing doctor and others (December 2019) to not answering questions from regarding a novel virus similar to SARS (December 31st) to denying person-to-person infections all the way to January 31st, was not fully transparent. China tried to keep its face - and landed squarely on it instead.

Keep in mind: This critter could have been contained if it were not for the and its .

But please do me one giant favor and do not call this «the Tesla of e-Bikes».

It has nothing to do with that cranky car salesman who likes to embarrass his poor son for the rest of the kid's life with an utterly silly name.

But it has a lot of what I want to see as a nice in e-bikes that have become more and more bulky, ugly and heavy in recent years, offering crazy battery capacity that comes with added weight.

As I said: Less is more, more often than you'd think.

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Drinking the 3rd cup of coffee on Sunday morning cold as I've just discovered that has unveiled its series.

With a carbon frame and fork, clean lines, one gear and a belt drive, these pups weigh in at 12 to 12.5 kgs and rely on the Eeyo Smartwheel in the rear for support: The bulky hub houses the motor, the battery and the sensors. Yes, the battery is small, but this e-bike is built for traffic. Finally a brand really going for the less is more approach!

WARNING: Do not leave out in 's usually hot and tropical climate without cooling or it may start to rot quickly.

A third attempt of 's lawyers to stop the vote from going ahead on June 6th has been rejected at the High Administrative Court.

Time to give the people of Kaohsiung a say on the fate of their populist mayor who'd rather be president.

What a shameful piece by the on the very day when decided to kill and the and of the people in
This is a day of - this is the beginning of the end of Hong Kong as a globally significant and center.

With their whirling dance motions, worshippers were practicing long before this became a big thing. It's the style!

No lack of warnings on the website of 's Central Weather Bureau today: Heat, plum rain, thunderstorms and the passage of typhoon will make for a turbulent couple of days in TW.

There's one big difference in how states on one hand and transparent working under the and with on the other hand deal with the caused by the -type : authoritarian regimes prioritize political decisions over epidemiological facts. As when declared its victory in the people's war against the virus.

has now declared victory in the - but have a look at the numbers of new cases...

The new kids in the top10 of the charts are , and . All three ruled by authoritarian leaders (Putin, Bolsonaro and Erdogan) with little regard for sciences. You know, this virus does not seem to follow orders or to be impressed by loud talk. A clear message from the government, a set of instructions that can be followed in everyday life and citizens that feel motivated to limit the damage: That's what keeps this virus at bay.

I can't believe my eyes really seeing images of overcrowded carriages in . Only a very few are wearing face masks. Daily case numbers are still developing in the wrong direction in the , so easing restrictions is a really bad idea. Nope, clearly has not learnt his lesson from his stay at and still plays with the lives of English people. via birdie network, @adamparkersky

You really could not make the following shit up: When asked for sources for their outlandish claim that the of the -type in fact is a global plot of and some other evil masterminds to make the world population sick and force it to accept a vaccination after, the answer is: «Just search for "pill Bill" on , it will open your eyes.»

In terms of , YT and its algorithm is a massive with no guidance whatsoever.

Bought of box of 50pcs of for the first time in my life. Bit annoying to see that they're made in as I have zero wish or inclination to reward economically for causing a bloody . Too bad there were no facemasks that were made in .

Oh, to the : Fuck off and go to hell for trying to use deliveries as a leverage against the and its office in , you miserably bandits.

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