alert: The image below does NOT show protests against the green pass in the city of , .

What it does show instead is the Quaibrücke in during the techno festival known as .

Strangely this image seems to be irresistible for fakenews-spreading loonies, as it has already been abused by minions in 2016 and fuckheads in 2020.

Disingenuous and lacking any creativity - apart from coming up with crazy conspiracy theories, that is.

@bikejourno 🤦‍♂️ again this pic... never gone old by idiots.

@kubikpixel Right, they are so easy to fool. After all, everybody knows that this was last Saturday's queue at Zurich's vaccination center, aight?

@bikejourno 🤣 RIGHT! 👍 but c'mon how ceres, is enough for Telegram 🤷

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