Frankly the week that ends with has not been all that bad. The has stopped 's attack in , and another pig's book makes the pig in the oval office look even more rotten. Meanwhile, the account of the leader of the most powerful state on this planet on the birdie network is sinking to new lows every day. A tone deaf sociopath and pathological liar who plays to his deplorable hardcore fans. No more!

@bikejourno There was also the #SupremeCourt ruling at the beginning of the week that discrimination on account of sex includes sexual orientation.

LGBTQIA rights, DACA & #Juneteenth is a hat trick for anti-trumpist, pro-justice causes.

@Karen5Lund Right, all hope is not lost yet. But seeing the choice in November being two over 70 year-old white men is truly discouraging.

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