Always keep this in mind: While the global spreading of the -type is changing the world as we know it, it is likely to be a short-term disruption. however is a far bigger issue, addressing the basic conditions for human life to strive on Earth. So please do not forget about long-term challenges seen the dramatic evolution of current events.
Comic snatched from @melinux.

@bikejourno why call it "Wuhan-type" ncov-19 is sufficiently specific and doesn't play the blame game.


For all that I know, this critter started in Wuhan, Hubei province of the Peoples Republic of China. Even some official correspondence of China's CCP calls it the novel Wuhan Coronavirus. I think the Wu Flu is quite a flashy name as well.

Jokes aside, this is friggin' SARS 2.0. China did not do its homework after 2002/2003. And they let the critter out for CNY, into the entire world. So I will continue to call this the Wuhan-type Coronavirus. Like it or not, end of story.

"This virus is so sneakily undercover. Things look normal as you look around, so people don’t take it seriously. Like climate change. Think of that (more than usually idiotic) senator waving a snowball to show there’s no global warming."

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