@autoscatto Is this illustration trying to tell us that are more efficient than riding a conventional or even? That claim seems highly dubios to me, all the more so as the lifespan of most eScooters is too low for those contraptions to be in any way.

@autoscatto I'm also irritated by the low value this illustration shows for : Since it's about energy efficiency per person, have they calculated that car to be occupied with four persons? If so: We know this is not a realistic everyday scenario.
My bottom line: I highly doubt the entire illustration as it does not seem to take production and waste into account.


@autoscatto Just some recent numbers from 's import statistics:
Average unit price of imported from CHF 2035.-, from CHF 2200.- and from CHF 995.-. And now the average unit prices for : From Germany CHF 852.-, from China CHF 244.-
Sorry to state the obvious, but we're talking about electric junk on wheels that will fill landfills. No .

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