Under the would have to be forced to delete all of its records as it ignored terms of conditions of various platforms and individuals' right in their own image when building up its database. Instead, law enforcement in the cooperates with these brazen criminals regarding . This is a issue that needs to be brought to courts ASAP. Enough is enough!

Dazu kommen massig über angeblich überrissene Forderungen von Minderheiten, übergossen mit demagogischen - Schlagworten wie «Sprachpolizei», «Genderwahnsinn», «Minderheitenterror», «Zensurgesetz» und «Meinungsdiktatur».
Ich muss mich ehrlich beherrschen, um diesen nicht knallhart die Meinung zu sagen. Und nein: ist keine Meinung. Das ist Hass und Ablehnung, aus Unwissen geboren.


Has anybody who is NOT an asshole ever used the term for «social justice warrior»? Seriously, that term to me is a straight indicator for rightwing trying to trigger liberals. Go trigger your own wrinkled balls, you muppets!

Häufig vorgebrachte *Argumente* gegen die strafrechtliche Erfassung von homophoben Äusserungen in der Öffentlichkeit:
- Wieso sollen nur -Menschen, nicht aber Fettleibige geschützt werden? (weil man sexuelle Orientierung nicht mit Diät und Sport ändert und auch nicht ändern soll)
- Was ist mit der Diskriminierung von weissen Cis-Heteromännern?
(informiert Euch über die Bedeutung von Diskriminierung)
- Anstand lässt sich nicht per Gesetz erzwingen!

In der wird aktuell sehr emotional und kontrovers darüber diskutiert, ob der -Paragraph («Antirassismus-Gesetz», Verbot der Diskriminierung, Herabsetzung sowie des Aufrufs von Gewalt gegen Gruppen) von Ethnien und Religionen auch auf die sexuelle Orientierung ausgeweitet werden soll. Prompt zeigt sich, wie weit in diesem Land verbreitet ist. Und prompt kriechen die ganzen miesen aus ihren Löchern, um zu triggern.

From what I've understood from various media reports, the US league for that strange variety of where players need heavy armor and frequent breaks to regain their breath (I think it's actually called ) has processed far enough so the participants of the finals are known. But is that a soup or a salad bowl that they're playing for?

My Gear S3 stopped working two days ago, without getting wet or any impact. Just like that, on A Saturday night out. Could not reboot or reset it and get it back to life yesterday. But today I managed to do it, so the watch is back in action. Nice!

The latest number of people infected with the -type have gone up to 217 - from 59 last Friday. No, does not have this new virus under control, and ideal conditions for a further spread are coming up this week with the holidays and the traveling that comes with it. This is what happens when a regime is more worried about the spreading of rumors than about the spreading of an infectious disease. The is a danger for the entire world.

FFS what is doing regarding that -type ? It has now admitted an additional 140 infections (a cumulated 42 before) and one additional fatality. Does anybody see a pattern of an and human-to-human spreading here?
And this comes just before the world's most intense activity as millions board planes and trains to get to their parents for celebration in China and the . This is a highly worrying development!

What a surprise: A company from the filtered portray images from various and then offered the data to governments for purposes. Anybody remember that funny that launched? The best possible raw material to train an algorithm regarding facial recoginition. Seriously, is either pure evil or utterly clueless of what he's doing. I fear it's not the latter.

*Thanks* for giving the task of analyzing conversation to - I was already unlikely to get a visa for that dystopian surveillance state before for calling it out as an authoritarian hell hole. But now and thanks to the greed of Microsoft, I don't even have to try. Bunch of muppets!

Die Reaktionen von Dorfbewohnern in auf -Anhänger entsprechen 1:1 den Reaktionen auf : Was der Bauer nicht kennt, das frisst er nicht nur nicht. Dem begegnet er mit Argwohn und will nichts damit zu tun haben: Die sind anders, die sind bäh, die passen nicht hierhin. Und nein: Das dürfte längst nicht nur in Bayern so gewesen sein.

The win in the men's Worldcup race in is for Eli Iserbyt who had more left in the tank in the finale. Toon Aerts finishes in 2nd at 8secs and the new Belgian champion Laurens Sweeck comes in in 3rd at 1min16. 4th place for Lars van der Haar at 1min28, Tom Pidcock in 5th at 1min46. Corné van Kessel in 6th and Quinten Hermans crosses the finish line in 7th, beating Gianni Vermeersch in the fight for a ticket to the Worlds.

Iserbyt and Toon Aerts are back together before the final lap of the men's Worldcup race in . The race is wide open, and these two riders have a couple of axes to grind.

Yeah, , great effort: That new -type has not been contained or brought under control, and next week will see a peak of travelling activity within due to their . This is a recipe for a perfect spreading of the virus.

While the gap between Toon Aerts and Eli Iserbyt had grown to 11secs in lap 8, its down to 5secs at the beginning of the penultimate lap, and Iserbyt closes that gap early on. Laurens Sweeck has shaken off Tom Pidcock in the fight for 3rd.

Lap 6 of 10 finished and 40mins done in the men's Worldcup race in . Iserbyt has lost contact to Toon Aerts and conceded 5secs, but he's still far ahead of the chase group where Laurens Sweeck and Tom Pidcock set the pace.

The case group contains Vanthourenhout, van Kessel, Laurens Sweeck, Lars van der Haar, Quinten Hermans, Vermeersch and Tom Pidcock. The fight for 3rd is wide open.

23mins into the men's Worldcup race in , and Iserbyt and Toon Aerts have pulled away in the lead. There has been some bad blood between these two as Iserbyt doubted the seriousness of Aerts' injuries after the worldcup race. Frankly Iserbyt is not making a lot of friends this season, showing questionable sportsmanship on and off the race courses repeatedly. The race distance has been corrected to 10 laps, we are in lap 4 right now.

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