Der hat sich an diesem |ssonntag mal wieder bemerkbar gemacht - beim Filmgesetz und dem Organspende-Gesetz. Die Festung Europa scheint in der ganzen dagegen gleichermassen unbestritten.

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While celebrated the win at the , 's army of Orks has started to use banned bombs against the last resistance in at the works.

Keep responsible for and atrocities committed in Ukraine.

The miserably little piece of shit was live streaming his murderous activity - and only stopped the stream two minutes in.

Seriously, this subculture of racist internet trolls is hyper toxic.

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After assassinating ten humans, the coward of a shooter surrendered to .

No surprise the boy was white - so he still got a chance to surrender rather than being shot.

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Seriously, what went wrong in the head of an 18-year old who dresses up in tactical gear and goes out ti shoot ten humans with a different colour of skin?
Terrible what happened in .

is a murderous and hate-filled ideology.
Colour is only skin deep.
Time to skin some racists!

Had to mute a fanboy yesterday who blasted a mix of falsehoods, brazen lies and insults my way. In like eight consecutive toots.

Folks like those can kiss my ass.
and oppose
by sanctioning the crap out of this military mafia state .

Not surprised to read that likes 's toxic #996 work culture just as much as he hates labor rules and unions.

Well, you would not become the world's richest man by being a real philanthrope, right?

Do not buy .

Rechthaberische feiern gerade die -Ausbrüche in ab - als Beweis dafür, dass komplett sinnlos seien. Im gleichen Zug wird auch behauptet, dass alle Massnahmen, die in verschiedenen Ländern Europas getroffen wurden, wirkungslos gewesen seien.
Sie blenden dabei den Effekt der -Impfungen komplett aus und ignorieren, wie beschissen die Situation im Winter 2020/2021 war.
Diesem revisionistischen Narrativ muss widersprochen werden, immer wieder!

Nothing goes to celebrate the end of in such a convincing manner as shelling a school where civilians were seeking shelter, killing 60 humans.

is killing people in . Putin has NO right to celebrate victory on May 9th. He's become the invader and himself.

PS: Will 's troops parade modern toilets, flat screens and earbuds tomorrow, and harvesting machines stolen from Ukraine? What a filthy bunch of thieves, rapists and murderers.

Zwei Befunds einer Studie zu und , die von Professor Obvious stammen könnten:

"-Nutzer zwischen 30 und 50 Jahren sind am anfälligsten für pro-russische ."


"-Krieg: Mehrheit der Ungeimpften glaubt an eine Verschwörung."

Die besonders skeptischen Wachschafe als nützliche Idioten für . Nichts neues, noch weniger überraschend. Leider.

This is a message from 's department of :

Shamelessly fascist has set vast batches of forest on fire in using space lasers supplied by NATO.

only is a bitch if you are.

On the leaked attack of on , all I have to say is this:

Make wire hangers great again!

Or: When reactionary men endanger women just to appease their bigot conscience.
Trumpies want their 50ies back.
If protecting unborn lives means endangering pregnant women, things get very nasty.

Strange news coming in from frigate . Sounds as if more |n soldiers have been smoking cigarettes close to the ammo stash.
Nothing confirmed yet, but 's rockets may have sunk another of 's boats of death. Let's hope it's true.

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The relentless and indiscriminate bombardments of the premises of in are also being conducted from the sea.
Time to localize some of those |n warships and send a love message from .
Make sure has NOTHING to celebrate on May 9th. Make sure will be s sober day of mourning in Russia. Sadly that seems to be the only way to deliver the message to the Gremlin from the Kremlin.
must end in defeat for freedom to survive!

With only a few days to go til May 9th the claims everything is going according to plan with its *special operation* in aka .

Keep this in mind:
- 's original plan for a quick advance on Kiew to assassinate the democratically elected leaders of Ukraine FAILED.
- A quick advance along the entire coast of Ukraine FAILED.
- obliterating and looting seems to go according to plan, however.

and keep accountable!

Never mind typhoons, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes: the real catastrophe looming for the is that the rule of murderous autocrat (think extrajudicial killings...) may well be followed by the return of the equally murderous family.

These are dire times for and , really.

Shameless wannabe-autocrat is now also blabbering about , but he's not threatening to use them like his best buddy the Gremlin from the Kremlin. Much rather he's comparing an on from to dropping such a bomb on the economy of .

With puppets such as Orban in office and unanimity required for big decisions especially reg. foreign policies, the can not act.

If you want to see some really strange subculture regarding vehicle , go check YT for " lowered scooters". Shit is real and very, very nippon-esque.

@kubikpixel Schau an, Du hast es (in Form eines screenshots) in den geschafft.

Dafür droht der Verlust des Status als Geheimtipp wegen dem Matthias Schüssler...

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