Fun fact:
has .
has 狗肉.
May sound similar, but is something very different.

All those folks who claim that eating dog meat is not a thing in China are welcome to search for 狗肉 on Google Maps. The map below is only for Beijing and shows proper restaurants only, no random streetfood hawkers.

And no: That's no food recommendation. I like dogs a lot, alive and as a companion rather than as the main dish.

More than one million confirmed cases, more than 53'000 casualties worldwide: The -type has become a major *success* in terms of 's exports. Can we hold those criminals ruling the country accountable for the mess they have created with their failed attempt to silence and hush another outbreak? Fuck you, , you deserve neither praise nor thanks. You owe the world more than just an explanation. Down with the and Xinnie the Pooh!

In Zeiten vom -type gilt: Ferncoaching ist besser, als jemandem unter die Arme zu greifen. und so. Und von den Armbeugen sollte man sich bis auf weiteres hüten.

Nein: Demokratien in sollten zur Kontrolle der Bewegungen der Bevölkerung sicher nicht auf Software-Lösungen von zurückgreifen. Peter ist KEIN Freund der , sondern ein Anhänger einer technischen . So einem Typen eine so wichtige Aufgabe zuzuhalten: Nein danke.

Herzlichen Dank an den -Gerichtshof für den in der Substanz logischen und richtigen Entscheid: Die Weigerung der -Staaten, 2015 aufzunehmen, war ein Verstoss gegen EU-. Wer sich an ebendieses Recht hielt, dem wirft das nun zu Unrecht vor. Denn die Grenzen waren eigentlich offen. , und wollten nur nichts davon wissen.

I'm not into wearing tinfoil hats. And I've been asked in the Fediverse why I insist on calling this critter the -type .
Well, former expat in and YouTuber Laowhy86 has been digging into China's socialmedia channels, found some interesting leads and come up with a string of coincidences that are just too good not to be the most plausible explanation of how this virus came up. China owes the World an explanation - and yes, an apology.

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Kleine Feelgood-Story aus unserem Wohnblock in in Zeiten vom : Hab am Montag ungefragt ein Postpaket zweieinhalb Stockwerke hochgetragen, war für die junge Familie aufm gleichen Stock.
Und war ein 45kg schwerer Betonsockel für einen Sonnenschirm.
Hab heute für den Einsatz zwei Rollen bekommen. Die Leute wissen offensichtlich, was in diesen Zeiten von hohem Wert ist!

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**In Taiwan, anger at China over virus drives identity debate**

"Anger at being confused with China amid the coronavirus outbreak and Beijing's stepped-up efforts to assert sovereignty is stirring heated debate in Taiwan about how to further distance itself from its giant and often thr…"

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Reading that are celebrating the fact that just like their miserable own selves the much hated Chads and Stacies will not have sex either during the due to the -type .

Seriously: incels are the most despicable and self-pitying bunch of I've ever seen or heard of. If you can't find anyone who wants to fuck you, how about go fucking yourself.

Smart trainers and roller trainers are the new : Zero availability in right now, be it from Wahoo, Elite, Feedback Sports or Tacx/Garmin. in the age of the , folks.

A friend of mine had planned to celebrate his 51st holiday in . He already bought the ticket from to Madrid and back with . He has not heard of any cancellation of the flight yet. What are tourists supposed to do in the quarantined capital of one of the hardest hit countries in Europe during the peak of the outbreak of the -type ? This is utterly insane.

Neues aus der in Zeiten des : Gestern beim Einkaufen von zwei Berufsparanoikern mit schwerstens vorwurfsvolle Blicke aus 2m Entfernung geerntet, weil ich nicht ebenfalls eine Maske trug.

Solange das nicht Pflicht ist, werde ich keine Maske tragen.
Und solange es nicht genug Masken für alle gibt, darf das Tragen von solchen nicht zur Pflicht werden. Denn das käme einer willkürlichen Verhängung von Hausarrest gleich.

The orange imbecile in chief has come up with another display that his is unmatched: Answering a question from a journalist on testing in the and , he claimed that he knew South Korea better than anyone. And then claimed the population of to be 38 millions. I first thought he had mixed up Seoul and Tokyo-Yokohama. Turns out the dunce just read the wrong line from . Ignoramus in chief, thy name be clown. Sad.

You probably know the saying about a happening in slow motion and nobody can keep his eyes from it. Well, 's in times of the -type is pretty similar to that: You know this is no good and people will die from it, but there's nothing you can do about it, sadly. Good luck and good night, . Having a conman and clown as leader in a time of crisis is no fun.

Ach wie schön, dass wieder ist: Kurz nach 18 Uhr tief stehende Sonne, so gefällt mir das. Jetzt noch dieses dreckige Virus dahin zurückschicken, von wo aus es seine Welttour begonnen hat, und der Frühling - uhm, okay der Sommer kann kommen.

Ceterum censeo...
's membership within the needs to be suspended right away. The is a union of democratic states. It cannot accept an authoritarian as one of its members .And it sure as hell should not send a single Euro to that mafia state. The same goes for#Poland, by the way. Government who abuse the current to rewrite the constitution need to be isolated and shamed as .

Whoa: The boss of motorsports, Helmut , not only downplays the danger of the -type in media, calling for business to reopen. He also apparently suggested to give RedBull's drivers and it talent feeder pool - 14 athleres in total - in order to immunize them. That is simply batshit crazy and utterly irresponsible. This virus is too much of an unknown to do anything like this. Madness, utter madness.

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