sorgt tatsächlich für mehr Ruhe in Wohnquartieren. Und nicht nur das: Es macht den motorisierten Verkehr deutlich weniger tödlich für Fussgänger und . Aber klar: Wer sich von der zahlen lässt, will davon nichts hören.

By imposing its , ripped up the on , disrespected the city's status as an and essentially killed off the Troian Horse known as as a consequence.
Now China blames of breaching the contract it has signed because it has offered political to citizens of Hong Kong unwilling to continue their lives behind the Great Firewall in a totalitarian one-party state.

My take: FUCK CHINA's CCP.

Not only are the rulers of brown-nosing 's . They insisted on holding that were boycotted by all opposition parties and *won* by the party of president . And guess what? As soon as the elections were done, the numbers in Serbia are rising rapidly and there is rumors of forged numbers to keep those elections from being cancelled. Securing power over protecting : the people of Serbia are getting fucked over by their rulers.

Der journalistische Grenzgänger, Zündler und Pöbler (als Sohn eines BBC-Bosses zum Trotzkist mutiert, heute ein libertärer Kotzbrocken) muss mal wieder dümmlich provozieren zum Thema - und setzt den Titel «|fahren bringt dem nichts» über seine Kolumne. Von der und |n gekaufte ohne oder bringen noch viel weniger tagesanzeiger.ch/velofahren-br.

Imagine you're one of the very few MPs in , and you know no better but to lobby heavily for the and - the very same people that put more than one million muslims in in .

looks like one of those self-regarding and greedy bastards who happily sell their soul for some money. heavily banks on fools like him to expand its influence, push its narrative and yes: to spy.

38.4°C in ? Well, that finally is one reason to be glad not to be in ... I've only been there in June once, and it was a mix of bloody hot weather and violent downpours. March/April and October/November sure are much nicer times of the year, climate-wise.

Frankly the week that ends with has not been all that bad. The has stopped 's attack in , and another pig's book makes the pig in the oval office look even more rotten. Meanwhile, the account of the leader of the most powerful state on this planet on the birdie network is sinking to new lows every day. A tone deaf sociopath and pathological liar who plays to his deplorable hardcore fans. No more!

Wow, just wow: How low can this administration go? Has hijacked the birdie account of the orange imbecile in chief? That doctored «terrified toddler runs from baby» video is just one of many examples in terms of the extreme right and racists.
I've always considered this presidency as ' last stand. Things could get very ugly if this is the new tone of this administration in . Divisive falsehoods all over the place.

Wer von auf dahoam dichtet, findet auch einen flotten Spruch, in dem Koran und Corona vorkommen. -Chef zeigt, wie vermeintlich gemässigte ticken: Einen Lercherlschaaß besser als die lauteren und radikaleren Volks- und Parteigenossen.

Schön zu lesen, dass sich der nassforsche Berufspolitiker seit dem Abitur nun auch zu einem Problemfall für die entwickelt. Eine Zumutung für Anstand, Menschlichkeit und Logik war dieser Schnösel mit Schlips, aber ohne Lebenserfahrung ja schon lange.

Two shots in the back? Seriously, in the seem not to be able to change their mad ways. Even in a highly volatile situation with public unrest caused by police against people of colour, they keep murdering them. Keep up those protests, in , in , in , in . Worldwide. There is no safe space for , with all you have!

Yesterday, I engaged in a culinary kind of : Went out to the riverside at 3pm, pushed over a dead tree and started a fire at 5:30pm on a tiny part of the fire place. Started the at 6:15pm, started eating at 6:45pm - and all the while, massive thunderstorms were building up and moving in. But apart from a few drops the rain only started after 8pm when I safely back in the city centre and could take shelter in the pub. All done right, then.

Great image from yesterday in : A activist carries away some rightwing extremist scum. Those knuckle-draggers had come to London to protect statues of slave owners, slave traders and actors of imperial crimes but ended up attacking the and pissing on a memorial plate for a cop killed in a terror attack instead. Truly Britains finest being carried away.

It really took longer than expected for to reemerge in - officially, you know.
Since the has declared its victory in the people's war with Chinese characteristics under its wise leader , any new outbreaks make the regime look bad. No surprise that the cases discovered at the market are blamed on "imported salmon". Because all bad things and new cases of the -type novel come from abroad to threaten . The is strong.

I read that 500 elderly sore losers and supporters protested the vote against 's mayor and called for revenge recalls on 's Ketagalan boulevard. Let's just say that venue has seen some bigger crowds in the past calling for more noble causes than vindictiveness and support for a populist loudmouth that would not follow up on his great promises. And oh joy: «White wolf» and triad gangster also attended the protest.

Ich finde es großartig, wie der dümmlich-nassforsche von den |n auf von der Manner AG in den Senkel gestellt wird: Geh woanders absellnern, Du lachhafter Hetzer. Oder vergrab mal wieder ein Smartphone in einem Blumentopf, wenn Dir danach ist.

PS: Wie war das nochmals mit Spenden vom -Massenmörder, Mahddin?

If you wonder why people of colour are so mad in the , it's not just . It's also structural in society, and many years of broken promises.

Or as sang in the early 70ies:
«You can't depend on a train from Washington, it's one hundred years overdue.»
That's pretty much an overwhelming feeling for many. Too much of the same crap for way too long.

BREAKING: (at least) 27 percents of (US-)Americans are utterly gullible and most likely brain-dead.

A man of faith? only worship material items. Poor buggers.

Not happy having delayed and botched the response of the to , now wants to resume his campaign rallies.
The daily number of new infections still is hovering solidly above the 20'000, the number of infected people in the US has exceeded 1.84 millions, the number of casualties stands at over 112'000.
This president is not only deeply . He's letting his people down in a and wants the army to fight one part.

Nice one from , a YouTube channel from some chaps who have lived in China for a long time before leaving.
«The Women Who Strip For Dead Pigs in »
Ancestor worship gone weird, but interesting to see. There's also scantily clad pole dancers at some funerals over there. youtu.be/Xon8Ojn4C68

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