Some quick thinking by in today's game against . The odds at the bookies will be all over the place after this one. And Wayne Pivac went from dunce to genius in three games, pretty much.

Frankly, if anybody should shut up and stick to what you're good at, it's .
Why exactly did Zlatan publish a self-aggrandizing book when the depth of his reflection is closer to a very shallow lagoon?
Over the years has done a lot of things for good causes. Until Zlatan has caught up with this compassionate top athlete, I suggest he'd keep his gob shut and stick to what he's good at - which is kicking a ball and running.
BTW is not a luxury car, Zlatan.

Beim Einkaufen einen motorisierten in spe getroffen: Um eine Hauptstrasse zu queren, bin ich vom parallelen Radweg auf die Strasse gewechselt, um links abzuzweigen. Die Lücke zwischen PKW und war gross und mein Tempo hoch genug, die Ampel weiter vorne stand auf Rot (mit Rückstau) und mein Handzeichen war deutlich.

Der Depp auf dem reagiert mit einem Gasstoss, um die Lücke zu schliessen. Und das war ein . Saumoden werden früh vermittelt.

Schlagzeile beim :
«Kommission will Restaurant-Öffnung am 22. März»

Einfach nein.
Die haben noch immer nicht begriffen, wie eine Wiedereröffnung mit und funktioniert. Zuerst muss zwingend abgewartet werden, was die Folgen der per 1. März erfolgenden Öffnungen ist. Erst danach wird über weitere Öffnungen entschieden.

Dass dies Parlamentarier auch nach 12 Monaten - nicht begreifen, ist einfach nur zum Fremdschämen.

PS Also, the hands of this statue are way too big, while the lard ass and the belly are way undersized.

The proportions were way more precise with the balloon of the .

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Utterly and factually wrong: Here's a pic of the golden statue erected (uhumm..) at - complete with a magic wand and a that the blatantly disrespected when he sent his mob of after the .

Rather than «We the People», the paper in the right hand should say «Me, myself and I».

The that is will break the apart and render it irrelevant. Sad, so sad.

Since (oh...) has been cancelled from 's «Uncancel America» conference, I'd like to know: Will any of those guys who marched with tiki torches, shouting «Jews will NOT replace us» attend that conference or even speak at it?
How is only reprehensible to reactionaries when it comes as a socialmedia post but not as a neo-fascist march in the streets?
From to tiki torch-carrying scum, the needs to rethink its position and its acceptance for antisemitism.

Seen the ongoing an unhinged focusing on a sore loser who rather attacked the and the than to admit defeat, the should change its name to officially.
The abbreviation TP would be very fitting for this mix of hard neoliberals, religious bigots, conspiracy nutties and white supremacists: TP, it's what you wipe your arse with after all! So in the end it's full of shit. As I said, very fitting!

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Wait, what? A golden statue of that foaming bad loser of a at the convention? Would all evangelical supporters of this serial sex offender and adulterer please consult their bible regarding that dance around a golden statue and its consequences? does indeed write its own jokes. Too bad they're not funny, really.

schreibt sich auf Deutsch also Nüßlein? Wer in auf dreiste Weise machen will, sollte nicht nur die Gewinne abliefern, sondern zusätzlich gebüßt (genüßt?) werden. Die benimmt sich mal wieder wie die Weisswurscht-Mafia in .

The truly scandalous way how are being rigged in the is called , and the is pushing for legislation that serves exactly that purpose in multiple states.

This is an obvious attack on and on the principle of . This a fallback into dark ages of and . By trying to keep certain parts of the populace from voting, the GOP has become the party of and .

The self-declared force of peace and stability in the is at it again: has stopped all imports of from .
Personally, I think pineapples grown in Taiwan are way too yummie and healthy to export them to the authoritarian hellhole that is creating step by step.
Better find other markets and thereby reduce dependency on a blackmailing aggressor who insists on threatening free and democratic Taiwan.

Ganz traurige Nachricht zum Themenkomplex und : In ist die 19jährige Ingrid Oliveira Bueno da Silva, in der eSports-Szene als «Sol», bekannt, von einem anderen Gamer erstochen worden. Dieser machte nach der Bluttat auch noch Bilder vom Opfer und teilte diese in WhatsApp-Gruppen.

scheint mir nicht aufgearbeitet worden und Misogynie in HC-Gamerkreisen weiterhin ein ernsthaftes Problem zu sein.

"Now is the time to overthrow the government to become the new government."
Scumbag to CNN on what his are up to next. The dickhead by the way does not even believe that the election was stolen. He still wants to ignore its outcome and challenge those rightfully in charge.

, anyone? By the way, Tarrio has been involved in illegal gambling, drug dealing and human trafficking. What a fine man, a very special person.

Always keep this in mind:
The are fascists.
The are fascists.
Whoever sides with fascists is part of the threat for , and the .

There is no such thing as compromise with . There can only be for this aberration of thought that glorifies violence.

Federal agencies need to act with resolve to make one thing clear: These are no patriots, these are enemies of the constitution.

Known goes on a rant in the hearing of 's confirmation. So his idea of individual freedom, as far-reaching and almost total as it may seem, does not include the concept of people living outside a binary and biological concept of sex.

The fact that is sociologically engineered rather than a biological given and not binary to begin with is lost with types such as Rand Paul. This guy is a .

Dass in der nicht per 1. März wieder öffnen dürfen, hat zu scharfen Protesten von Studio-Betreibern geführt. Diese haben sogar eine Klage gegen den Bundesrat angekündigt (komplett sinnbefreit, denn per Verordnung geschlossene Betriebe haben ohnehin einen Anspruch auf reguläre Entschädigung).
Vor allem aber betont die Branche der Muckibuden, dass man super Schutzkonzepte habe. Scheint in den USA ganz anders auszusehen.

Kennelijk is de heer nu officieel de patroon van alle in geworden. Als ettertjes vandalisme plegen is dat alles maar half zo erg, als die ettertjes maar goed boreale autochthonen zijn, Thierry?

In voor iedereen te zien: is echt een randdebiel. Wie van politiek wil profiteren gaat wel helemaal de mist in.

So this has really happened: With a sheepish look, addressed the audience of his propaganda show, saying the following: «The thing about that THEY're telling US is that its not simply harmful to you personally... Disinformation hurts everyone.»

Well said, indeed. If only it did not come from 's most aggressive propaganda figure who has been following the pathological liar of a one-term loser through thick and thin.

is built on lies.

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If something is so crappy that you can't defend it, you better deny its existence in the first place.

Sounds childish? Sure does, but it's what 's wannabe anchor has done on air regarding . Sure, it's a hoax that the left made up to discredit . After all, Tucker and his research team have been looking for the website of QAnon all day and could not find it.

Case closed, then.
Parodies of journalism.

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