Die bleibt ihrem Gaulei... sorry, Ehrenvorsitzenden Gauland treu.

Ehre. Treue. Mehr muss man nicht mehr sagen, oder?

Man, even the voters in 's seem to have been flushed with «fake news» from the West and to have been tricked into believing that is actually in the middle of a severe .

Or how else do you explain the losses that 's suffered in these elections?

Yes, the pandemic crisis could be real and the electoral defeat a consequence of mismanagement. But only if you actually believe the alarming reports from India reg. ...

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Headline of a article: « views on hardening»

How could that be?
Could it be those >1500 mid-range missiles constantly aimed by China at Taiwan?
Could it be the constant violations of Taiwan's AIDZ by the ?
Could it be 's threatening rhetorics?
Could it be the annexation of and the ensuing cancellation of and in that territory?
Could it be the clampdown on in China?

From government agencies to folks employed in the system, almost all people in agree that the country is facing an unprecedented health due to .

Meanwhile in some self-declared "sceptics" call out these reports from India as «fake news», claiming that the numbers and reports of lacking capacities to burn corpses are "all made up".

It truly boggles my mind how folks can ignore all information that does not fit into their opinion. Saddening, really.

Toxische ist eine echte Herausforderung für moderne Gesellschaften.
Anscheinend (noch nicht gesichert, weil's die Krone behauptet) hat derselbe missratene, dummdreiste aus , der die -Politikerin zuerst in FB-Kommentaren aufs übelste angemacht und dann wegen übler Nachrede erfolglos verklagt hatte (der willige Willi lässt grüssen), nun seine Lebenspartnerin erschossen. Wohl im Vollsuff.
Hypermaskuline Gefährder, anyone?

Here's an example on how tries to silence ( in this case) and a who simply used a publicly accessible data base of number plates to uncover who was behind sending white-dressed thugs to beat up pro- protestors at MRT station.
While was not sentenced to a jail term, the hefty fine certainly serves as an intimidating warning to investigative journalism in all of .


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In the annual rankings of Reporters without borders (), has dropped from 18th back in 2002 to 80th in 2020. What happened to media freedom, some may ask? Well, frankly , the and their 'ian pile of steaming crap known as the happened. Welcome to *freedoms* with Chinese characteristics - you have the freedom to shut up and obey.


Nein. Die braucht kein . Die Schweiz braucht eine , die nicht auf dem rechten Auge blind ist und die nicht nur als Problem von Ausländern und Linken sieht.

Yes: the constant that and the pose for , and in should not be discounted or belittled. But no: there is no reason to think an attack by on Taiwan is imminent.

People in Taiwan have become used to this constant threat over the years, as China has 1500 mid-range missiles aimed at Taiwan constantly and insists on violating its airspaces on an almost daily basis.

A common effort is needed to put Beijing in its place.

In the latest news from , a former economical adviser of the going by the name of claims that 's will lead to Americans being forced to drink - wait for it - plant-based beer.

The sheer horror. No freedom-loving and self-respecting patriot will ever drink plant-based beer. What do those sick libtards think they're doing?

Only in the . huffpost.com/entry/larry-kudlo

If you're wondering why the would install CCTV cams in the back in 2014: Go search the internet for the and in .

Yes: The KMT pooped its pants back in 2014 and installed those cameras based on fear of Taiwan's populace.

Sadly, the KMT still acts like an occupational force and a parasite. And it still tries to sell the debunked model to Taiwanese, despite having been fucked over by in .

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Pretty impertinent of legislator to ask «When did become a police state?» because the Legislative Yuan has been outfitted with CCTV cams.

First of all, this is only an update of existing equipment that had been installed back in 2014 - yes, under KMT rule.
Secondly, Taiwan ended being a police state under KMT rule in about 1987.

So better shut the fuck up, Alex Fai and go get educated on the era of .
KMT = kill many Taiwanese.


Rund um muss einmal mehr festgestellt werden:
Die beinhaltet NIE ein Verbot von .

Und wer den Zynismus von verwöhnten inmitten einer noch nicht ausgestandenen nicht unterstützenswert findet, hat sich nicht vorwerfen zu lassen, diese Zyniker zum Schweigen bringen zu wollen. Das ist einfach nur hochgradig demagogische Kackscheiße.

Was ohne jegliche Maßnahmen paßieren kann, sieht man in Brasilien. Danke auch!

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Man stelle sich vor, 53 Schauspieler hätten sich für eine gleiche Verteilung der Lasten, für sicheren ÖPNV oder gar für Luftfilter an Schulen eingesetzt. Statt dessen gaben sie in Covids Nabucco den Chor der Mimimis.

#BildungAberSicher #allesdichtmachen

Echt jetzt? Was ist von zu halten?

Mich widert diese wehleidige Mischung aus «wie uns geschehen, so soll es auch allen andern ergehen» und den Narrativen von , gleichgeschalteten und übertriebenen Maßnahmen übelst an.

Da offenbaren sich grad |schaffende, die sich selbst etwas zu wichtig nehmen, als Menschen verachtende .

Wenn der Tod schon zum Leben gehören und akzeptiert werden soll, warum mutet Ihr den primär anderen zu?

As the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership goes to show, with Chinese characteristics may well include against clear rulings and yes: petty if a country does not act as wants.
|n coal, wine and lobster, anyone?

Do not sign contracts with .
Do not become part of 's larger plan.
Steer clear of its initiative that often comes with a built-in .


If members in refuse to set up a bipartisan committee to investigate the attack on the on January 6th without investigations into protests, these representatives
- actively engage in a crass kind of
- completely ignore that an attack on the legislative as a branch of government cannot be compared to protests in random cities.
The is in full denial mode regarding this act of and .


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Freedom for .
Freedom for .
Freedom for the people of .
Down with the , down with 's of and attacks on .
Time to make pay for ignoring and violating treaties it has signed but not honored.

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