Ach ja: Eröffnung vom m-way an der Zollstrasse 51-53 ist am 29. August.

Not too bad: Die Zürcher Filiale von , einem Händler für und E-Mobilität, zieht nach gut neun Jahren an der Gotthardstrasse um in ein neues Geschäftshaus beim Hauptbahnhof , die Gleistribuene. Die Renderings vom Shopkonzept zeigen eine Kaffeebar, viel Platz und Licht und eine ansprechende Warenpräsentation. Schaut gut aus!

Great to see that 's trade commission managed to put their pre-show tour of factories in the week after Bike Week - so I can attend both events and do plenty of research on product trends and companies.

What? Shameless offered the post as prime minister to to mend the cracks in a coalition that he killed off himself? This guy is almost as delusional as he is power-hungry. He is a serious threat for and the (bit of) in .

Die vom Herrliberg kann es nicht lassen: Die Darstellung politischer Gegner und generell der anderen oder der Fremden als Tiere ist entmenschlichender Bockmist. Wer das nicht einsieht, ist von der eigenen Ausgrenzung über die Jahrzehnte abgestumpft. Die ist meines Erachtens am Abdriften in Richtung . Intellektuelle Wurmstichigkeit.

Correction: According to credible sources, the number of citizens joining the in this Sunday was closer to one million than to a hundred thousands. Great to see the spirit being alive despite 's threats. Keep fighting for and your !

Two from :
1. did not succeed to intimidate the fine people of Hong Kong, and again about 100'000 took to the street to defend the they have enjoyed all their lives.
2. the protests remained peaceful and there were no violent clashes between protesters and that could have served as n excuse for to send in its troops.

In short: A win-win-situation, but NOT for Beijing or .

Just ordered two album of the with Swiss online and entertainment seller Looking forward to filling that void in my record collection.

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Operation Yellowhammer:
Government report leaked to the Sunday Times.

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another toxic male that came here via - seriously, this rotten pile of machos and supremacists desperately trying to trigger progressives and liberals does not add a bit to .

with like who willingly sacrifice 's special status and the rights of its citizens for a (bad) deal with . These horrorclowns are the gravediggers of and . And they fail miserably to safeguard the treaty has signed with China.

If there is one thing that shows that is a totalitarian it's celebrities repeating key arguments and of the , be it in clashes with labels about the silly and dishonest principle or be it as support for the increasingly brutal acts of 's police against in support of , the freedom of assembly and .

A study that has analyzed 35000 tweets shows that 's activity has gotten more and over the time. This does not come as a surprise: and have to increase the doses of their venom continuously to remain relevant for their fans. If they don't, more extreme loudmouth will pass them, rendering them irrelevant. And what could be worse for the petulant orange manchild than irrelevance?

Dass |en mitunter seltsame Menschen anziehen, ist nichts neues. Ein Musterbeispiel dafür ist die : von toxischer Maskulinität (Gamergate-Restposten?) bis zu neoliberaler Finanzpolitik und rückständigster Verkehrspolitik findet sich alles. Prädikat demokratisch unreif.

Ein , der der nicht akzeptiert, ist eine Bedrohung für den . Die Justiz hat sicher nicht der Politik zu folgen. Der muss weg!

If you've got delusional as your buddy (like $APRocky), the petulant manchild in chief will insult an entire country that functions under the with an independent for you. Ain't that great?

If should make the catastrophic mistake of sending the into to drown the in blood, the answer of the free world needs to be unmistakable and unanimous:
If thinks it can get away with repeat by the state, it's time to let it know that this assumption is wrong.
There's never been a better time then now.

Wow, that is some next-level from horrorclown . is a term used for a cooperation with an . This talk is highly divisive and utterly irresponsible. Anyone here remembering that an opponent of was murdered by a delusional rightwing bastard during the campaign? Not BoJo, obviously.

There should be a special place in hell for those pro- lawmakers who are now parroting 's utterly laughable attempt to denounce the ongoing for # and as *terrorism*. They might as well openly call for Beijing's Army to liberate from its freedoms and to liberate protestors from their earthly existence aka cause a bloodbath. They are Beijing's FFS, and this will not end nicely.

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