Seen the explosion of energy costs in , it takes a special kind of complete to come up with a mini-budget that contains massive cuts for the and corporations.
These are beyond shameless and yes: they are malicious towards those in need. What a terrible party pushing for these kind of .
,Kwasi has made himself the face of this shameless greed of the rich to own even more and trample on the poor.

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Speaking of a nice coincidence: I have to travel to tomorrow Sunday to join a media camp of Bosch eBike Systems.
The official program is just on Monday, and I decided that two 7-hour train rides are a bit much for just one day at the Mediterranean.
So I booked two more nights at a hotel in , and guess what? On Tuesday, it's the final day of the Salone Nautico, 's biggest boat show. Sure enough I will check that one out (just the sailing boats)!

Join the session 90mins late, spread cheap propaganda lies for longer than you're supposed to be speaking and leave right after that lengthy, rambling speech: 's foreign minister has shown full contempt not just for , but for the entire .

has turned Russia into a in the UN. Quite a performance. And no, Russia is not winning this war.

Ik zeg het hier graag nog eens: ,Thierry is knettergek!

Te beweren, dat ,Sigrid aan een hogeschool voor spionnen ingeschreven was en dat dit een "bewijs van de verbondenheid van de geheime diensten, marxisme en de mondiale " zou zijn:

Dat bewijst vooral, dat Baudet niet goed in zijn hoofd is en de domste conspiraties versprijdt. Wat een walgelijk figuur, dat vriendje van Trump en Poetin!

If you want to now what low-character bastards rule , just check out the latest attempt of the to paint as a danger for the health of the Chinese: Stay away from foreigner to avoid getting infected with monkey pox. Foreigners dangerous, foreigners bad, mkey?

This is vile of the lowest level. The regime must be brought down. It has too much blood on its hands and fully intends to multiply that.

Anmassend, beleidigend, die 1:1 in den tragend und die eigene Partei spaltend: ist echt ein Zumutung. Die sollte ihrem Ex-Mann nach Moskau folgen oder alternativ zur wechseln.
Diese Art von orthodox-nationalistischer Linke ist mir krass zuwider.

People enjoying free internet, freedom of speech and civic rights - and still being in full support of authoritarian rule, willing to paint the aggressive expansionism of and as a striving for a more equal world: I will never understand these and I refuse to engage in discussions with these enemies of our freedoms.

By the way; Is it true that 's wannabe-dictator ,Victor was also seen in to ask for membership in the ?

Just kidding, but would be most fitting!

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At their meeting in , and sketched their vision of a new world order under the Shanghai Cooperation Organization .
These two autocrats, one guilty of an unprovoked on a neighboring country and the other guilty of cultural , were fantasizing about more rational and just and .
At the same time, two SCO members were exchanging fire in a border conflict.
Yo and : Clean up your backyard first!

Keep in mind this not an isolated event as both 's GOP governor ,Doug and 's GOP governor ,Greg have send refugees to such as , and just to score cheap points and to annoy Democratic administrations of those areas.

This is utterly and an inhumane nonsense that needs to stop ASAP.

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Dear ,Ron:
There's a very special and particularly painful place in hell for bastards who make suffer just to score a cheap political stunt and to somehow "trigger liberals".
Sending two charter planes with refugees to Martha's Vineyard may well be in conflict with federal laws, and DeSantis may well have put himself in hot water here.
This entire stunt stinks of deepening societal division and scoring cheap points.

Zum Thema unbeabsichtigte Ehrlichkeit: Die Arbeitsgruppe, die in der nach geeigneten Orten für ein -Endlager suchen sollte, schlägt eine Option in Nähe der Landesgrenze zu vor. ALLE Optionen befanden sich in Grenznähe. Wenn so ein so sicher und unbedenklich ist, warum wird es dann mitten im Land erstellt, etwa in der Innerschweiz?

Eben: unbeabsichtigte Ehrlichkeit.

's demolishes the convenient lie known as the : According to Beijing, this means that there can only be one China without any interpretation of what that China exactly is.
So this consensus now means for . The and it's allies from the pan-blue camp should take a pause and think about this: Does it want to assist in this?
Or does it want to join the pan-green camp in resisting this attempt to suffocate ?

If the reports about events in the region are right, there will be plenty of work for 's farmed forces to tow out all those deserted or destroyed tanks of 's army from the soggy fields in the East of the country.
Plenty of raw material to restart the steel industry, right?

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At this very moment, I would really like to be fly on the wall in 's situation room. Things are looking more than just bad for the invaders in , with a fair chance of large units of 's army getting encircled and becoming prisoners of wa... sorry, a "special operation".

Take thousands of prisoners and exchange them for Ukrainian civilians deported to awful filtration camps in Russia. More importantly: Keep Putin accountable for all these cruelties and war crimes.

Utterly horrific to hear how 's regime chases down young activists in and has turned conscription in to a weapon of internal .
needs to have serious consequences. Regime change in Moscow is a must for peace to become an option. Keep Vlad the Bloodthirsty, his enablers and his henchmen accountable for the countless crime against humanity inflicted upon and its people.

Upon reading the news regarding the , I do ask myself: Should I invest in the rebounding or in toilet paper that will see sky-rocketing prices this winter according to many experts?

Just kidding - zero interest in all things - a waste of precious and a Ponzi scheme imho.

As for the toilet paper, the logical way to avoid the increasing prices would be to invest in a top-notch Toto toilet from ! Those things are the real deal.

Falls jemand mit mehr Kenntnissen in als ich auf Anhieb herausfindet, warum die Website von alle Alarmlichter von Chrome und Safari anspringen lässt: Gerne melden! 2/2

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Wie der sanierte zeigt, spielen und das noch immer eine sehr untergeordnete Rolle bei der in . Und das, obwohl diese Stadt laut Wutbürgern von -Ayatollahs regiert wird, die einzig auf das Schikanieren von Autolenkern abzielen...
11 Meter für Autos, 5 Meter für Fussverkehr, 2.5 Meter für Bäume und 1.25 Meter fürs Velo (und ja: E-Scooter und andere Idiotien) - das zeugt von falschen Prioritäten!

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