Did you know that is trending over on the birdie network? And that is throwing a tantrum about it, calling for a federal investigation into this matter of national security. After all, this is a serious hit job on Don's overinflated ego...

Yo bum, the ain't or . And freedom of speech is a right for those who criticize you as well.

In 2018, 's prime minister singled out as the head of 's nuclear weapons program. Today this very man has been assassinated in a suburb of .
Obviously Bibi and the are trying to make the most of the remaining weeks with the orange imbecile rage tweeting from the .
's policies are not aiming at peace but at a large-scale escalation that would get very ugly. Do not let this happen!

FFS can you believe it?
slaps heavy on |n wine imports.

So much for the signing of that giant agreement: does not honour contractual obligations and China is acting as a rogue state.

The lesson from this: Do not bother to sign any contracts with this country. Stay away from it, isolate it - boycott it!

Really, ? Have your legislators been throwing pig entrails at legislators in 's to protest the import of US pork?

That's a new brand of disgusting. There really is no low that is low enough for the parasite known as the that is still leeching off the economy of the country.

Did , who just has announced salary cuts for the lowest brackets this week due to the combined effects of a and the self-mutilation known as , really forget to declare how incredibly and filthy rich his wife Akshata Murty is?

The really are the full of contempt for all those too stupid to get rich, aren't they?

And yes: still is an incredibly frustrating platform full of bugs.
But at least it's nit full of pricks and trolls like Jack's birdie network.
Terrible , sorry to say this again and again.

So a devout catholic stuffed into by the sorest loser ever puts the freedom to practice religious beliefs without any limitations over the fight against .

The really is working hard to spread this virus all over the and deeper and deeper into communities.

If you have seen how crammed the localities were at orthodox jewish weddings in , this decision of Scotus and is pure insanity!

Not surprised to read about violent of officers in .
If something turns Frenchmen into utterly arrogant bastards, it's a police uniform. Makes them feel entitled to the point of being .

And now a new law aims to criminalize filming cops in action, even for media. The same bullshit law already has been put in force in .

Ya basta! The police is here to serve and protect, not to intimidate and be feared.


Why is trying to water down new legislation aimed at in in general and in in particular?

Could it be that the world's most profitable company is profiting from 's inhumane forced labor camps?

And nope, it's not just Apple. Other corporations from the tech sector do not walk their corporate social responsibility talk either. Expose them!


was not only coordinating the actions of 's 2016 campaign with . He was also a running boy for . So many foreign interests with a national security adviser: This crook should never have been pardoned. But in a deplorable world full of alternative facts he is innocent now. For all others, there's a caught red-handed at the cookie jar. But I'm sure OANN or Trump TV will hire Flynn as an expert.

Just a short rant:

The of is still a bloody nightmare to be deeply ashamed of.
Connection to the servers is failing all the time, with a «500 Internal Server Error» showing up again and again and again, not allowing for anything to be posted spontaneously.

Frankly, this is utter crap . Any chance to see an improvement, or is that simply the price to be paid not to be on Jack's wacko birdie network?

Ach nein: Die war wohl noch nicht genug? Nun will der nationalkonservative K(r)ampfschreiberling den auch noch mit seiner reaktionären, mit Vorurteilen versetzten Plörre füllen.

Wäre schade um das Erbe vom Näbuschpautr, aber in der realen Welt liegt dieses Satireblatt bestenfalls noch in den Wartezimmern von Arztpraxen auf. Die Glanzzeiten sind lange vorüber.

TV program alert for German speakers, preferably working in the home office: Starting at 2:45pm on , documentary «Grüne Insel im Taifun - ».
As it's been more than a year since my last trip to Ilha , that'll be a must-watch for me.

In , 's is showing to the entire world what stability with Chinese characteristics looks like: Keep your mouth shut and obey your puppet masters in or go to jail on arbitrary charges.

Hong Kong never has been a «gaping hole in China's national security». That is utter bollocks. But its (NOT subjects) insisting on and clearly freaked out and the . Signs of weakness all over the place.

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Bloody hell: blames the current issues in on «national security threats due to foreign interference» and refers to the as the motherland - that is unfiltered drivel with Chinese characteristics.

At least she is right in calling the imposed by remarkably efficient: it really is the most efficient way to show that the framework is worthless rubbish. has gotten the message. theguardian.com/world/2020/nov

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Derweil hat in ein bereits polizeilich bekannter , und seinen Golf Kombi gegen das Tor vor dem Kanzleramt gelenkt.

Die Schwurbler ticken aus und eskalieren schrittweise.

A leading politician of the and movement in the saying that he wants nothing to do with , and (he did not mention for some reason) is peak hypocrisy: These are key ingredients of and thought, and knows about that bloody darn well .

Thierry is a coward and a muppet. And yes: He's a narcissist, just not old, fat and orange. aljazeera.com/news/2020/11/24/

's minion praising the efficiency of 's is peak Orwell'ian madness: As the chief executive she has assisted in killing off everything that set apart from the PRC, including and .

Carrie Lam is praising her own complicity in a hit job against . Down with the 's rule over China!


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FIDH: **Hong Kong: Arbitrary detention and judicial harassment of 3 pro-democracy activists**

"HKG 001 / 1120 / OBS 132 Arbitrary detention / Judicial harassment Hong Kong November 25, 2020 The Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders, a partnership of FIDH and the World Organisation Ag…"


#humanrights #news #bot

Wat een verrassing: uitingen van sympathie voor nazis uit de jeugd-vleugel van het en ijdele blaaskaak die daar niets tegen doet of zegt en daarom nou beledigd opstapt.

Wie had dat nou verwacht?! Het van vele nieuwrechtse bewegingen (ook van Orban, FPOe en de AFD) is een gevolg van hun . Maar de jodenhaat zit nog wel degelijk diep, zie ook de praat over Soros, Rothschilds en globalisten zonder loyaliteit tot een land...

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