The reason conservatives get so uptight about things like the Nike ad is bc they're middle class, which is basically a pseudo-class of people who are workers, but live comfortably enough that they see themselves as consumers. Working isn't any part of their identity, capitalist consumption is. They have no interest on the labor side of any transaction, and that's why they expect waiters/clerks/etc to be their own personal wait staff

Just remembered when I was like 7 or 8, I had a book I would draw in. One day, I drew several naked ladies in it. Once I filled the whole book, my grandma asked if she could look at my drawings. When she got to the naked ladies, she kept probing about it so I told her they were supposed to be pro wrestlers, the boobs were pecs, the pubes were wrestling trunks, and that's why they had long hair lol 😂😂 pretty sharp for a little kid

Sex talk :p 

This isn't what I'd normally post online but...on Thursday, me and my gf are going to get her some sexy strappy lingerie and then we are going to go home and AWOOOOGA!! lol sorry, I'm just very stoked for my appointment:p

In fact they used the phrase "cosmopolitan conservatism" to mean super rich, libertarian urban capitalists. They said this is the first conservatives people think of (lol what), but they aren't representative of Republicans because they aren't racist. What they don't realize is the poor racists are entirely ideologically aligned with the "cosmopolitan" ones. Capitalism reinforces racism!

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Sometimes I listen to Pod Save America to see what libs are currently going on about. One of the truly insidious lib views that they harp on a lot is that Trump's rich supporters use him for tax breaks, and in turn, the Trump administration appeals to his "base" (poor people) with xenophobic, racist, anti-immigrant etc rhetoric. WRONG! Trump's rich supporters purposefully and deliberately feed that narrative to poor cons, and they gain several economic benefits to have racist poor whites

People are so defensive of capitalism that they take any sort of capitalist analysis as an attack. At my family reunion a couple weeks ago, I was talking about how more of the tech jobs inevitably will move to China. My cousin's bf who works for a tech company in SF was insisting this could never happen. Well listen bub, tech jobs have been moving to China since the 90s already, and that process won't stop when it reaches your job

Will AOC be a major catalyst for demsocs realizing the U.S. truly needs fundamental change?

It's alarming how whenever theres another mass shooting, the new go-to argument people often make is there should be more security. Clearly, security doesn't stop the violent outbursts that pour out of these people

Last December/January I had a commie blog where I'd post about current events from a Marxist perspective everyday. It got exhausting and was originally just meant to be a place for writing samples of a specific style... but I'm really considering making another blog that's more analysis focused. I have so many writing fragments I could polish and compile easily

Say what you will about the DPRK, but I briefly lived in Seoul, and the DPRK position that South Korea is functionally a U.S. colony is in many ways very true.. it's also baffling how aware South Koreans are that their government until the 80s was filled with US appointed right wing dictators, while Americans have NO CLUE. One of my profs there was like "for a long time South Korea was just as oppressive as DPRK, but the right wing version." That sentiment would never be propagated in the US

Anyway, hope you all don't mind that mastodon has functionally became my communist rant / slightly more earnest posting alt to my Twitter

It's like a Deity in a Cthulu cult, bc Capital ALWAYS must grow, and it MUST always disseminate its ability to accumulate itself in more social interactions. That's the process of commodification: Capital's ability to grow being tampered with, then unleashing hitself into other places. This is why we have platform capitalism (uber, Twitter, spotify, etc) because Capital now "hosts" social interactions by commodifying them. We can hardly do anything without contributing to Capital accumulation

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Capital is the most "idealistic" force, in the Hegelian sense. It's essentially value that generates itself, has a connection to items (ie "fetishes" in the ritualistic sense--commodities). It's like a macro-Ouija Board, in that to manipulate a Ouija, everyone touches the dial and it moves, by some combination of group manipulation and simply sliding around. Capital exists beyond us and subsumes us, but to some degree we all have a finger on the Ouija dial

Tooting about weed 

I texted my weed dude to see what he had and he sent me his list. I asked for 1/4, and he said he was understaffed so he wouldn't do small orders today. I didn't push it but damn dude, YOU texted me you could do a 1/4

It's a real shit day for that to happen too because I have been so wound tight. Normally I can go w/o weed just fine but it'd help about now

Just one more reason I have to gtfo Philly and move back to the West Coast where I belong!!!

When US politicians talk about unemployment rates fluctuating, it's very misleading. The number of jobs are consistently decreasing, but people who are in prison, or people who are homeless/in the throes of addiction (ie people who have more to worry about than actively job seeking) are not considered unemployed. Unemployment rates only factor in active job seekers

Mental illness 

I'm having a terrible hypomanic episode and not the fun kind, the kind when I can't focus, can't think clearly, barely have the patience to comprehend what people say to me, can't Express myself, and generally feel like a buzzing anxiety ball

Now I know how many people have me muted on twitter because I have WAY less followers here but get just as many likes

I feel like a big part of Twitter banning people for "hate speech" against TERFs is they know it's specifically leftist jargon (probably 99% of Americans have never heard or read the term)

I've been applying to A LOT of jobs for awhile now and haven't even had anyone contact me for ANY reason, even to say no. I know it's hard out there, but I'm starting to think I'm doing something just straight up wrong. Any tips?

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