As an iOS developer I had to move to the iPhone 6S because (a) I needed to be able to test 3D touch in my apps and (b) the larger screen size was the new "mainstream", despite my personal preference for iPhone 5 size.

I'm feeling a similar tug towards the XR. It was easy enough to ignore the X, because it had the same width as my 6S. But now the new "mainstream" phone, the XR, will not only adopt the X way of doing things but Plus-like resolution and behavior. Harder to ignore.


Ironic thing being the XR drops 3D touch, one of the reasons I upgraded to the 6S.

Still baffled that Apple didn't give the XR the X's resolution (and corresponding split view behavior). After being overly small (compared to Android) for so long, it seems to me that Apple is moving too much in the other direction now. But it is what it is.

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