Haven't quite explored here enough yet. What's going on? Who/what should I know?

I've been down the Pinterest rabbit hole, looking for Easter dessert recipes.

A pride of lions.
A murder of crows.
A federation of nerds.

Not really sure about the difference between local and federated...

Somehow started quite the debate on Facebook about the NY State free tuition news.

Good morning Mastodons, or is it Mastodonians? Or simply Tooters?

The fun part about a new social network is that in the early adopter stage you get to find and follow many interesting people you might not have ever noticed in the deluge of a mature social network.

can't wait for Twitter to make themselves Mastodon-compatible so we can block their instance

@bethgrangersays Just copied ya! I put my down. You should offer Mastodon training to senior executives :)

Hey @jeremygoldman check out how people are doing lists as a way to introduce themselves.

Loving that a lot of people have or , and in their list here. I feel at home here!

Hello Mastedon. Just joined. Eager to see what it's all about.


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