Hi friends. One that this account has moved to @ben. ❤️

While we're playing with the new toys, and before this gets any bigger, I've jumped over to @ben

Please follow my redirect, new friends.

@mathowie You're wonderful. I think it'll be interesting to reflect on this flurry of information realignment in a few weeks too, review the new and wonderful things we find as a result.

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@benward Jarrett Fuller mixes pointers to his podcast episodes with good ol' fashioned blogging: jarrettfuller.blog/

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@benward I love the blog of M. John Harrison: ambientehotel.wordpress.com/ It's great if you know his writing and… maybe even better if you don't? Embrace the weirdness.

@mathowie @andybaio I've made an immediate error in phrasing my question: RSS is tech. What I really want is to read interesting stuff, and of course a lot of people have embraced newsletters for that. Should we be conflating those old and new forms?

Pro-conflation: I like that Feedbin has email injestion as a feature (and it's interesting to me that Tiny Letter doesn't do RSS feeds, albeit putting archives on the web.)

(Relatedly, I’m really going to try and post at benward.uk again. Soon.)

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Like a handful of people I’ve tried to rejoin the RSS world. Who’s writing neat stuff right now? Is it you? What’re you enjoying reading? I’m back to enjoying @mathowie and @kottkefeed, but I want to know about the new blogs that just passed me by.

@imbsky Yeah! With limited space apartment living I have a rule that I try only to acquire records that I care about (not limited to classics, but I don’t actively trawl through new releases any more.) Sometimes I’ll realise there’s a record from my past that I would treasure. …then it turns out you need *actual treasure* to get it.

Me: I wish I had Doves’ classic “Lost Souls” on Vinyl.

… I mean I still wish I had it. 😔

For the four years we’ve been doing radio Simon and I have been promising each other a vinyl-only special. It’s finally happening next week. Just spent the afternoon playing records putting it together. Found I had a ridiculous Castle Face *book* of flex pressings that includes Mikal Cronin and Ty Segall doing Bowie’s “Fame.” So we’re playing that, obviously.

(Also yes, I did have to remove the platter on my turntable in order to play this ridiculous thing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

@aral @mastohost @indie @laura I think self hosting is tempting for many reasons all well and good, but I think your disparagement of instance admins is unfair. Listening to those who’ve built community on Mastodon before the recent rush, there’s a lot of respect for admins doing moderation work, setting good codes of conduct, and generally operating as positive community organisers.

@metagrrrl “The dream of 2008 is aliiive on Mastodon…” 🎶

@metagrrrl Along with rebooting the birdsite, email newsletters, and signing up for RSS readers, we’re now one stray toot away from restarting microformats. “h-coc” would *totally* enable this.

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A man is at a friend's funeral. After the proceedings, he approaches the widow and asks if she minds if he says a word. "No, of course not," she replies. So he grabs a glass and taps a spoon against it to get everyone's attention, and when the muttering dies down, he clears his throat and speaks: "Plethora." He puts the glass back down and everyone continues their conversations. The widow turns to him, with a tear in her eye. "Thank you," she says. 

"It means a lot."

@wm That's how I find myself starting to act too. There are enough people here that's it getting nice just to talk with the gathered assortment, whereas Twitter's gonna remain useful for announcing when my radio show goes on air and suchlike. I guess whenever I start looking for a job too… It's nice to have a smaller, friendly space though (and it not have the overhead of “join my new Slack…!”

Hello new friends! Another thing about me is that every week I co-host a radio show here in SF. It's on a wonderful community radio station called BFF.FM and streams from bff.fm/@eclectic-kettle. We start with guitars, end with things that go bleep, and @SimonBatistoni@twitter.com and I talk a fair amount of plausibly entertaining nonsense in between.

If you enjouy radio, music, or community arts, tune in! The station has a load of amazing local output and would love your support. ❤️

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