I’m definitely exhausted of Twitter at present. I think the strange thing about restoring Mastodon to the mix though is that it feels like it’s lowered my engagement in all of it. Set me thinking about addiction, endorphins and inert behaviour. There’s an opportunity to start over. What does it mean to do that? What’s the opportunity in doing so? Is there some realisation here of the value of ephemerality in digital space that The Teens all figured out with Snapchat?

@benward Funny, you and other friends have been talking about (and in some cases acting on) the idea of deleting all their old stuff. For some it's just Twitter, for others it's websites as well.

I am just the opposite. Coming to Mastodon, enjoying its 'early days of the web' vibe, has made me double down on my already intense commitment to preserving my online life as being as real and important as my offline. And my blog love is rekindling with a steady flame.

@metagrrrl Part of me still feels a little of the “archive everything” desire. But after 15 years I guess I have a bit of a sense that maybe it’s not as useful as I thought it might be, plenty of it is just a little awkward and embarrassing. Maybe starting empty, letting old accounts, posts, entire accounts just go in the wind is actually good? Like, keep backups and let the internet archive do its job… but maybe not everything needs to be indexed all at once.

@benward Life is an empty, ever-expanding void. Eat Arby's!

@benward i think the difference isn’t ephemerality, but the injury->immune response cycle. kids who snapchat a lot seem stressed and feel like they have to respond asap. it’s endorphin-y. mastodon hides engagement metrics and is quiet, and nice, less outrage-driven & defaults to little or no notifications

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