One of my recent ambitions since taking time off has been to develop a game. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, making lots of notes and today I finally sat down to start playtesting some of the mechanics. For now it’s constructed out of Bang! and Ticket to Ride cards, which is… cost effective.

@metagrrrl I have seen that yes! I’m quite a long way from getting a real prototype made (and trying not to get ahead of myself for my first time!) but might try them out for early runs.

@benward Actual shuffle-ability seems well worth it once you’re at the “well that seems good, now let’s play it 100 times and see how it holds up” stage.

@metagrrrl Yeah. I’m basically testing bits out with other game pieces for now. I want to get to the stage of knowing it’s good enough to continue with, and then getting a designer on board.

@benward I'd be delighted to playtest if you ever want. I can even work around some amount of "and here a miracle occurs" regarding mechanics yet to be sorted out. I like the puzzle of game design, though I haven't done it near enough to be really good at it.

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