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Tales of the Aggronaut - Zandalar Forever - 2018-09-06 

This morning I talk a bit about my frustrations with the loot systems in Battle for Azeroth... namely how rare weapon drops appear to be. I also talk a bit about wrapping up the main story quest and why I always seem to have quests hanging out there unfinished.

#WoW #BfA #Warcraft #ZandalarForever #Gaming #Gameing #ForTheHorde

Crap I just realized the twitter tool thingy was connected to the wrong acccount... my ACTUAL account is at

@noelle @Crash mostly just trying to decide if I should do this thing before I get too entrenched

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@Crash @belghast Nope, that's about all I know. :)

(And please let me know if the confirmation mail doesn't go through; apparently Mailgun is having Issues this week.)

So as someone new to Mastodon, how hard is it to uproot and move to another local? I feel like thematically I might be better matched with elekk

I think I am finally legitimately done with Zuldazar... those turtle quests keep going on for awhile, but I reached the finish I believe because it sent me back to Baine.

@zenbuddhist yeah I got it the first time it was offered back in Legion, really cool mount

@zenbuddhist I opted to main horde this expansion since that is where I have been hanging my hat more often lately

Didn't make anywhere near as much questing progress as I would have liked tonight in WoW, sleep is about to claim me.

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This is my cat, you boost my toot I boop her snoot
Your move, elephant

@jezzicuh old twitter with a bunch of weird options and decentralized structure

Okay it has been interesting getting to know Mastodon... but I have levels to get... off to play some I greatly appreciate the information

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