Holy, so many entries for our Ubuntu Budgie wallpaper contest. Could easily pick for 17.10 and 18.04. So many great one too!

@sri Canada day, BBQ, fireworks, drinks. I'm no particular order.

Man this place is a ghost town. I really wish it wasn't though. I liked it in the beginning...

Budgie's Alt+Tab will now prefer the theme icon instead of the X11 icon where possible. No more ugly icons messing up your screenshots! mastodon.cloud/media/eeGgCQ2f5

Ikey taught Budgie menu a new trick! If you disable category headers, it'll only sort by name. If they're enabled, it'll sort by group & name.

Additionally if you stick it into "super compact" mode, i.e. compact & no headers, it'll hide any duplicates.

He also ported Brisk Menu search + sort logic, so the old re-sort has been drop-kicked so that the menu can just show logically scored items.



@sri Note - language filters are working for me without this ext. on the .cloud instance.

"Input is shadowed in the --proto_path by" - ARG - Nuttiness ensues.

@SolusProject @ikey @adymitruk late next week my visiting family shall be jumping on an aeroplane back to Germany.... So after that.

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