Holy, so many entries for our Ubuntu Budgie wallpaper contest. Could easily pick for 17.10 and 18.04. So many great one too!

Man this place is a ghost town. I really wish it wasn't though. I liked it in the beginning...

Budgie's Alt+Tab will now prefer the theme icon instead of the X11 icon where possible. No more ugly icons messing up your screenshots! mastodon.cloud/media/eeGgCQ2f5

Ikey taught Budgie menu a new trick! If you disable category headers, it'll only sort by name. If they're enabled, it'll sort by group & name.

Additionally if you stick it into "super compact" mode, i.e. compact & no headers, it'll hide any duplicates.

He also ported Brisk Menu search + sort logic, so the old re-sort has been drop-kicked so that the menu can just show logically scored items.



"Input is shadowed in the --proto_path by" - ARG - Nuttiness ensues.

Hmmm, a while ago I had grabbed bashfulrobot@mastodon.social. Do I migrate and hope people follow? Or sit tight.

ikey - RT @SolusProject HUGE news about Solus development and the team!


Congrats to @ikey going full time. Super stoked for you!!

Also, it's getting a little "crickety" in here. *chirp* *chirp* *chirp* *chirp* *chirp* *chirp*

derp derp derp... why the heck isn't my test server working... derp derp derp, oh right half done firewall config while drinking bourbon (last week)... ohhhh look at the kitty!

Been tinkering. Was looking at c++, want to go back to golang.

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