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Today, as always, Onyx Path Publishing can go choke on a dick

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Meteorito sobre Santiago de Chile. 7.7.2022

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A bit of Saturn

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Almost 4,000 years ago an Egyptian civil servant, worried for his life, fled north and found himself in the land inhabited by strange and violent cattle herders. This is the tale of Sinuhe and his experience of Indo-European warrior culture. [THREAD]

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My twin always said: "Never forget the secrets or the bones."

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"The Readers" by Santiago Caruso

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De estar disconforme con el microblogueo, mejor abandonar este tipo de redes del todo.

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La idea de escapar de Twitter para llegar a Mastodon, con instancias que son de autoridad total del admin de turno, es como desplazarse de una enorme ciudad con un regimen autoritario silencioso a pequeños feudos con regímenes autoritarios silenciosos.

@nekoewen I recently was given a release for therapy on GAD. I have a similar emotional experience towards the torment that is the undefined socio-laboral context of looking for new jobs and the naturalized violence of competition between peers for a job position, and the general experience of economic violence that is implied by living under capital rule.

Therapy improved my life immensely. Go for it.

Friends don't let friends create metaphysical frameworks detached from an experience grounded on nature itself.

The beauty of manifestation is better appreciated from the micro to the macro. Tending a garden opens the path to seeing the wonder of What Is.

It acts as grounding for the intuitions that later develop into metaphysical frameworks.

And metaphysical frameworks detached from grounding are just castles in the sky, beautiful constructs of reason that lack all contact with the substrata of existence itself.

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Issues that keep me awake at night are mostly solved by a "chop wood, carry water" approach to the anthropocene + late stage capitalism.

Work's is either aggressively demanding or totally absent? Just chop wood and carry water.

Exploitative forms of work all around me? Reach people and ease the hurt. Chop wood an carry water.

The shining supernal path through the night of manifestation is hard to follow under matter? Chop, carry.

Chop, carry.

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@librarian Currengly I'm studying traditional astrology to get going on planetary magic, following Fr. RO's RWC program. I'm also studying Agrippa's Tres Libri because I'll need to read it anyway.

Hopefully you get more replies.

Realizing I accidentally destroyed some materia magica that's very hard to replace unless I take weeks on a trip.

Solitary esoteric advancement is mostly failing forward, but there's a lot of non-forwarding failure around here.

@librarian I find this place rather sparce in people interested in hermetic-oriented occultism, so I don't think the fediverse works for this sort of interest.

I'm still curious though. Maybe I'm not looking at the right places, or hard enough.

I knew that true, changing progression in occultism was going to be hard, but I wasn't prepared to see that every firm step was going to be this slow.

In part is because I'm suspicious of abrupt, selfmotivated change in everything, myself included. Only after the dust settles you can see what's real and what isn't.

But most importantly, every change to take root needs time.

In the end, ♄ rules.

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