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Ayin here!

I'm looking to connect people interested in either academic study of the & and people that enjoy (Tabletop!) with a DIY perspective!

¡Se habla !

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Expectation about Chile's future, as March approaches and the fires of the revolt go higher.

Getting into X-Wing after the reset is exactly like trying to learn to play competitively after the first time I tried. It's _tiresome_ to try to check how everything works.

I just want to fly cool TIEs, dammit.


What guarantees do I have that @TheAdmin is not using my data for nefarious purposes?

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Why did we normalize 10-12 hours of work?

Why is my data safer in's servers than in Google's, or Twitter's?

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Also, not developing the notion of Religion as a method of social control, thus, part of the Technocratic Union, looks to me like a terrible lost chance.

I'm headset on developing a NWO methodology or a fullfledged TU faction called Kyriarchy intended to represent social control through paternalistic values of tradition and "what's good and proper" moralism.

I feel that there is a disconnect between the intended fiction behind Arete and actual implementation.

I'm having a hard time articulating it, but there it is. I'll try to expand on it if anybody cares about this.

Mage the Ascension's system of Spheres looks nice, but it absolutely gets in the way of quick magical effect adjudication until you have a super-strong sense of how do spheres work.

I *want* to enjoy Mage, yet it's a terrible, fiddly mess.

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Body Horror 

I'm not the diehard fan of Jim Raggi I once was, but god damn if that man doesn't get my exact sense of aesthetic.

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unsolicited advice for people with marginalized identities interested in or currently fresh to academic life 

1) introducing yourself to faculty is not about the generalized benefits of social networking; it's about literally finding a lifeline and advocate for yourself for when shit inevitably hits the fan. your first points of contact in the department have a History with other people in the dept that you need to navigate, but those politics do not supersede your need for allies

Preparing to interpret a conference.
< _screams internally_ >

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Time theft is good and you should do as much of it as possible to make up for your stolen wages

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Caveat to that last boosted toot: steal time **from your boss.** Do not steal time from your fellow workers. Do not add to your fellow worker's burdens.

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Llevo tres años y un día sin parar,
Llevo viviendo en el ojo del nahual

So, let's try something here. players with experience with the X-Card, you're supposed to stop the game, no questions asked, as something became triggering for a player or GM.

How are you supposed to continue if you don't exactly know what is the trigger? You can't really ask when the card is used, no?

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You know what they say: A stopped clock is unbound from the shackles of responsibility. It is no longer beholden to your control, oversight, or expectations. It is at peace. More free than you ever will be in your life.

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