@stunt_bird@mastodon.social “Are you sure you don’t just want a rehash of the worst thing you’ve watched all week?”

Missing the time when my YouTube was all aspirational woodworking stuff, but I watched one video game video so thems the breaks.

setting up all my cords at the coworking space like i’m a v ergonomic mr bean

This morning we heard beautiful, haunting music when we sat outside and had coffee. Then we realized it might be coming from the Scientology center and felt bad.

But good news! It turned out to be a busker with face tattoos, a five string bass and a bunch of pedals.

Got a whole quart of hot peppers from the farmers market. Cayenne, Serrano, and one that tastes like a mix of lemons and pure pain. They even had one that tastes like chocolate and pain.

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The beauty of the internet is that it allows you to stumble out of bed and then get mad at something while still in your underwear.

Looks like someone left a bag of cement on my roof a couple years ago.

Your number one tool in assembling ikea stuff is slack. Tack everything together with the bolts not quite tightened down, then make sure you can get it into the shape you need it in.

Once you’re sure you’re on the right path, tighten it down. Do it like you’re following the instructions twice.

@GoLow_77@mastodon.social Yeah. They were an attempt at architecture that had no fascist or soviet roots.

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@cjwyoming what’s out of reach is always hotter. Even if it’s out of reach because you’re a dumbass.

@3_3van Jeff getting increasingly mad at that guy was one of the most comedicly pure bits ever

Star Wars is about a bunch of plucky losers fixing a geopolitical situation.

Star Trek is about meritocratic over achievers coming to terms with altered perceptions of the world.

Both are interesting because of this inversion of who would deal with what.

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I thought prosciutto was an ethnic slur about Italians

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