Here's a hacking project for you- turn the battery pack of an old HP-25 calculator into a wireless Qi rechargeable battery.

Bitwarden 2021-05-11 released.

* Hide email to Send recipients
* FIDO2/WebAuthn added
* File/Send attachments increase from 100 MB to 500 MB.
* Option to disable the browser extension counter
* Safari biometrics support
* Sorted weak passwords report

If someone reproduced Guillaume Geefs "Le génie du mal" as a miniature sculpture for sale, I'd purchase it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, all I can find are t-shirts and posters.

OpenSSH 8.2 U2F/FIDO2 support Just Works™️.

As someone who has actually worked with and deployed the *-sk keys, I completely agree.

The recycle symbol on the left was designed by Gary Anderson in 1970 as a single twist Möbius strip.

On the right, one corner is made, then copy, pasted, and rotated for the other two. It becomes a 3-twist Möbius strip.

My question is, are they topologically equivalent?

Compare this to "High Capacity Color Barcode", which was developed by Microsoft, and was the basis for "Microsoft Tag", which has since been EOLed.

The HCCB standard, AFAIK, has not been published, so licensing is unclear.

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TIL about "JAB code"

It's a patent-free, openly licensed 4-color and 8-color QR code specification. It's been submitted to ISO for standardization, which could be finalized in 2022.

Unfortunately, it appears that the Dvorak input method isn't supported.

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FlorisBoard in an open-source keyboard for Android which respects your privacy. Currently in early-beta, and available in the F-Droid repository.

I should work on a script that hooks into Bitwarden and 2factor.auth to show me which accounts support 2FA, but I haven't enabled.

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Bugs me when service providers make 2FA available, but no backup codes.

New webpassgen release 2021-05-06

* Integrated checksums with Bitcoin, Bubble Babble, Base32, and Letterblock Diceware
* New pseudoword generators Letterblock Diceware, Munemo, Proquints
* Removed pseudoword generators Secret Ninja and Korean K-Pop
* Updated bookmarklets
* Improved Diceware NLP to start with two adjectives when the phrase has an odd number of words
* Bug fixes

Techdirt's coverage of the what3words legal threats against me, admist the research cybergibbons and others are doing on their platform.

Don't get lost in the Democratic Republic of Congo


w3w distance = 292 km

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