"Ever since Signal simultaneously hit #1 on the 🇮🇷 Play Store and #1 on the 🇮🇷 government's block list, we've been working around 🇮🇷 censorship.

Unable to stop registration, the IR censors are now dropping all Signal traffic.

Iranian people deserve privacy. We haven't given up."


Thoughts on the Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000 16/24/48GB (PNY) GPUs for password cracking? Looking at building a rig with four of them.

After Mozilla laid off the entire MDN team, they have announced "Open Web Docs" in hopes that the community will take over.


Google and Microsoft, among others, are providing financial backing for the project.


I am assigned a project that needs public verifiable randomness.

My gut reaction was to use a randomness beacon, like NIST or Cloudflare's League of Entropy.

However, I recalled that I created my own publicly verifiable offline source of 1/P base b.


"Over the first three weeks of January, Signal has gained 7.5 million users globally, according to figures shared by the UK parliament’s home affairs committee and Telegram has gained 25 million."

7.5 million improved their security, 25 million worsened.


A 1.2 GB file of 2.28 million users from dating site meetmindful has been leaked.

Dump includes names, email, address, personal details, and bcrypt-hashed .

Refreshing to see listed there.


After Elastic gave developers the middle finger by closing the license of ElasticSearch and Kibana, Amazon gave Elastic the middle finger and forked it maintaining the ALv2. AWS will replace all running ElasticSearch and Kibana instances with its fork.


This is a misleading infographic, as the term "vendor lock-in" equally applies to every other messenger by their definition.

You can't move from Dino to element, or from Briar to Tox, and expect to keep chatting with your contacts, unless they move also.


This husky loves running in the snow. 4 miles down, 5 miles to go.

pro-tip: enable incognito keyboard on .

This is a "best effort" attempt to prevent your keyboard from learning your typing. It is not a guarantee. Android may still ignore it and malware could disable it.

Think of it like "Do Not Track".


Corps trying to capitalize on Bernie Sits memes is cringe.

Bill Gates never actually said that "640K ought to be enough for anybody", but Ajit Pai was short-sighted enough to say that 3Mbps is good enough for you.


This is a clean, easy-to-follow blog post on hybrid encryption with key encapsulation (KEM) and data encapsulation (DEM).


Alma is a fork to help replace the vacuum that left behind. It's developed by the team at CloudLinux.


CryptPad v4.0 is now available on GitHub github.com/xwiki-labs/cryptpad

Some highlights aside from the new logo and look 👇

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