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Some people think Mastodon is too weird to become popular:

I joined Twitter in 2008. We had to put a "d" in front of a tweet to convert it to a direct message and every other day you had some embarrassing private moments exposed because someone forgot about the “d”. Hashtags were just a community hack, introduced by Chris Messina to somehow tag content. Search? Hah, you wish! Tweets via SMS were supposed to be a thing. Oh, and the daily meet and greet with the failwhale. Totally not weird.

@thanhtunoo @vivaldibrowser We have this on Desktop, but not Android. You can however enable Sync, and get the bookmarks that way.
But it's something that would be nice to have on Android too, I agree.

Of the applications you use daily on your desktop computer (or laptop), which one are you most happy with?

@julianlaverde @vivaldibrowser Thank you for sticking with us 👍
My day is going great so far, had the best sleep I've had in a long time.

@kartoffelmos @vivaldibrowser I'll be honest though, I never really watched Monty Python.

@inachara @vivaldibrowser Oh, many! You can read some in this recent interview:

TL;DR Designing a browser is a lot more complex than one might think.

@mrflix 'border-radius' ;)
That said, I do most of my work at the initial concept stages in Figma.
But I do commit code as well 🤓 (and then mostly CSS and SVG)

@Lysander @vivaldibrowser #1: Obviously
#2: That's very possible! I love a good beer.

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