I was trimming my hair, thought I set the machine to 16mm... but it was 3mm.
Luckily just on the side, but it's not great 😅

@atle Oh my… I am looking forward to seeing this. Are you in the office tomorrow? 😍

@atle Wow, that was a close shave! (I’ll show myself out.)

@atle In the spirit of full disclosure, I had a similar mishap during my pandemic home-haircut phase: I grabbed the beard trimmer instead of the hair clippers, and got a bit too far into the project before realizing…

During moments like this, the urge to just "cut it all off. we're going bald/babyface today buddy" is strong and i don't know how I haven't caved yet

@atle The difference between a bad haircut and a good one? About 3 weeks!

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