Hello #CoffeeGang. I was having a discussion with my friend and fellow coffee drinker (@atle) about decaffinated coffee.

Personally I think it is a great option for those that cannot handle caffeine or want to consume less but enjoy the taste and experience of coffee. And there are some good speciality coffee decafs these days. But what do you think?

@atle @ruario decaf beans are hard to do well, especially with lighter roasts, but when they are good, it’s a great option.

@Jeff @ruario I was very pleased with "Solberg & Hansen Colombia"

@atle @ruario I will check them out, a local roaster here does a decent decaf, which I make sure there is always some in the house.


Some days I just want to have an afternoon coffee without the caffeine. It’s not often, but it does happen.

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