So, I'm a designer for the Vivaldi Browser (@vivaldibrowser)

Most of you who follow me I do not know.
Ask me anything!

@atle @vivaldibrowser How about Import and Export Buttons for Bookmarks, especially, Vivaldi Browser for Android?

@thanhtunoo @vivaldibrowser We have this on Desktop, but not Android. You can however enable Sync, and get the bookmarks that way.
But it's something that would be nice to have on Android too, I agree.

@atle @vivaldibrowser Thank you for replying. I'd like to import DuckDuckGo bookmarks into Vivaldi Browser for Android. DuckDuckGo doesn't support Foreced Dark Mode for Webpages and humors about Microsoft trackers are very disappointed with DuckDuckGo. Trackers are now server-sided, not in the app. Browser Update is blocked by DDG.Even if it were Vivaldi's ,it would be okay. Speeddials of Vivaldi Browser too attractive to us .

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