Of the applications you use daily on your desktop computer (or laptop), which one are you most happy with?

@atle @ruari BetterTouchTool – quickens workflow, especially on touchpad and mouse. Only drawback is when I’m not on a computer without it.

@atle @ruari Reducing amount of Ctrl+keystrokes to mouse/touchpad gestures, mainly – but it works for any app. Changing between windows and tabs, opening, copypasting, and so on.

@atle libre office, (because I don't use SuperCollider daily)

@atle Sorry to be that guy, but for me it’s vim. That said, at work I have to use a Mac and have found its out-of-the-box keyboard navigation and window management frustrating, but RayCast ( helps immensely.

@atle uff quite a lot. Authy, Bitwarden, FreeTube, Insync, PeaZip, VeraCrypt, Hypnotix, Vivaldi, P3X OneNote, Timeshift, Plex, Thunderbird, YNAB, Cryptomator. Majority is FOSS and used daily. :ablobcatheart:

@atle @obsdmd #obsidian succeeded in adapting the chaos that was my life into... structured, manageable chaos.

It's the only organization tool that ever survived more than 2 days and that is capable of twisting its structure to my paradoxical conceptualizations. It's also really simple and robust to make it work cross-platform like a charm using @syncthing

Not enough? It's just a front-end for a bunch of folders and .txt, so you are not committing to any specific technology.

@atle KSnip. SMPlayer. Not a lot more.
The rest, I have to always kludge some things to make it work my way.

@sotolf @atle
Tough one, I'd probably say it's sxkhd, but Vim would be a close second

@paul @atle sxhkd is a great answer as well, and combined with bspwm it's close to not be able to be beat :)

@sotolf @atle The dream team - sxhkd, bspwm and vim - what could be better?

@paul @atle that's for sure something that couldn't be replaced for me at least :)

I've some awesome¹ apps.
But one make me happy every day, terminal with bash shell and also korn shell.
Lyx's user since 1998.

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