So, I'm a designer for the Vivaldi Browser (@vivaldibrowser)

Most of you who follow me I do not know.
Ask me anything!

@nick @vivaldibrowser Thank you! Many of us are already on here :) I should probably make a list!

@atle @vivaldibrowser

After i hit the send button i saw in your profile "joined April 2017"... :blobcateyes:

So you are longer here than me... :-)

Maybe a list of #Vivaldi team member accounts is worth to think about...

... and/or set up an own #Mastodon instance!? ;-)

@nick There are quite a few of us here actually I am not sure if they all want to give out their handles but at least follow @jonsvt if you do not already

@atle @vivaldibrowser

@ruari @jonsvt @atle @vivaldibrowser

I do. Already had a short conversation with Jon some days ago... :-)

@atle @vivaldibrowser Hello! Do you know Ruari? I used to know him from the Slackware forums. He's a great bloke. Question 2, when I'm next in Norway, can we all go for a beer 😂

@Lysander @vivaldibrowser #1: Obviously
#2: That's very possible! I love a good beer.

@atle @vivaldibrowser yay! I don't have anything more to add. Great to see you here and thanks for a fantastic browser. I'll ask you if I think of anything else!

@ruari @atle @vivaldibrowser you're on! Maybe we can arrange it with @Scoopy next time I'm there <3

@mrflix 'border-radius' ;)
That said, I do most of my work at the initial concept stages in Figma.
But I do commit code as well 🤓 (and then mostly CSS and SVG)

@atle Not only does he commit, it is pretty rare he breaks things (says the QA) 🎉


@atle @ruari you better don’t try to render the Vivaldi UI in pre-WebKit Edge 😝

@atle @vivaldibrowser

Any interesting challenges from designing for Vivaldi?

@inachara @vivaldibrowser Oh, many! You can read some in this recent interview:

TL;DR Designing a browser is a lot more complex than one might think.

@kartoffelmos @vivaldibrowser I'll be honest though, I never really watched Monty Python.


Glad to find the team behind my favourite browser since 2018 over here too @vivaldibrowser : :ablobcatattentionreverse:

How is your day going?

@julianlaverde @vivaldibrowser Thank you for sticking with us 👍
My day is going great so far, had the best sleep I've had in a long time.

@atle @vivaldibrowser How about Import and Export Buttons for Bookmarks, especially, Vivaldi Browser for Android?

@thanhtunoo @vivaldibrowser We have this on Desktop, but not Android. You can however enable Sync, and get the bookmarks that way.
But it's something that would be nice to have on Android too, I agree.

@atle @vivaldibrowser Thank you for replying. I'd like to import DuckDuckGo bookmarks into Vivaldi Browser for Android. DuckDuckGo doesn't support Foreced Dark Mode for Webpages and humors about Microsoft trackers are very disappointed with DuckDuckGo. Trackers are now server-sided, not in the app. Browser Update is blocked by DDG.Even if it were Vivaldi's ,it would be okay. Speeddials of Vivaldi Browser too attractive to us .

@atle @vivaldibrowser
welcome on fediverse!
I would like so much a master password for security.

@atle @vivaldibrowser as a designer, what's your favourite design(ed thing)? Choosing Vivaldi is cheating 🤔😅💻

@junglegeorge24 @vivaldibrowser If not Vivaldi, then I'd have to say my old (design) blog :)

It's now acquired and looks nothing like it did back when I had it, but it was a super fun project which got me connected to so many people.

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