In her podcast, Brené Brown explains that - unlike all her other books - her latest book, Atlas of the Heart, will not be translated as its about emotions. She considers emotions tightly connected to ones culture and she would have no way to make sure that the expressed exactly what she meant to say. You can listen to the podcast here (its the second question discussed):

@asoska I see her point. But an experienced translator with a sensitive publishing team could do a very good job. And it's a beautiful book - I would love to see it in German. ❤️

@germanbooktrans Me too, for sure! It would be a huge job, though, and require working with the author very closely. Maybe it could be done for one or two languages, but 26+ …?

@asoska There have been authors who organize a translators' retreat to discuss their decisions with them. That might be a good approach for such a project. At least for a few language...

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