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After two years together, I've proposed to my loving girlfriend, it feels both strange and amazing, were entering into this new experience

Trying out development on Windows, Edge is scary intrusive, overriding widget links, preventing uninstall, so many anti-competitive practices going on right now

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Unelected Brit Who Is Unqualified To Lead A Country Meets Counterpart

Cook's comment on RCS is just plain disgusting, and stinks of capitalist greed, time to boycott Apple I think

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Absolute monsters in the Tory party.

I knew she was seriously ill, so there's NO WAY they didn't know.

And yet they drew out the leadership contest for MONTHS, forcing a 96-year-old great grandmother OFF HER DEATH BED to "do her duty" and smile for the camera.


Any of my friends at @jetbrains able to throw a Fleet invite my way? I'd happily repay with beer...

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I just published:

Debugging and fixing a *huge* Jetpack Compose performance problem in my Sudoku-solver app.

Many disrespectful replies to this, Chadwick was an incredible actor and deserves the award, I take relief in the fact that the naysayers are names with numbers and no followers
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Thank you to the Television Academy for recognizing the outstanding work of our King, the late Chadwick Boseman.

Thanks for everything @chicagoroboto, I was honoured to be invited this year, everybody was so nice and friendly ❤️
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Thanks for all the Fish

Same conservative bullshit, different mouthpiece.
How can a country have so many failed PMs?

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Speaker Card Update! 🚨Ash Davies will be joined by Bill Phillips! @askashdavies & @billjings will discuss how molecules is a library for turning into . What it does, & help you understand where, when, & how you should use it.

Great article here, I've always been bothered by the recommendation to wait an arbitrary 5 seconds
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New blog post: WhileSubscribed(5000)

This is a deep dive into a weird pattern I've noticed in the Android Compose samples.

I tried to come up with a more appropriate approach, let me know what you think!

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Zum Finale von OKNB 2022 gehts auf die Autobahn. Kommt vorbei!
10:30 Uhr - Bf Wannsee, Potsdam

Wir tragen unsere Wut & Forderungen nach hunderten Kilometern Demo, unzähligen Aktionen, Debatten & Kundgebungen in die Haupstadt! Denn es muss so dringend etwas passieren!

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