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The (short) wait is over! photos are out now πŸ“Έ Take a look & relive the event of the year.


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Data binding, happy mood and @askashdavies πŸ˜„
Loved that how you switched the talk!

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One of the last talks, where @askashdavies... Well, just rants.

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The awesome @snappmobile_io team is at @droidconBerlin (also @jossiwolf snuck in 🀨). Find us around the conference!

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@GoogleDevExpert at @droidconBerlin πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ

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If you haven't already booked your ticket to , you might want to – we've got Ash Davis as our next confirmed speaker! @askashdavies's talk will focus on how to accept the failures made in .

Read the full abstract here: berlin.droidcon.com/ash-davies


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