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On this day in 1938, Hitler annexes Czechoslovakia's Sudetenland. "It is the last territorial claim which I have to make in Europe," the Nazi leader assures the world.

When you're travelling on the train and the person in front of you is visibly sick, coughing, sneezing, it makes the whole trip a fun anxiety roller-coaster

If somebody wants to block me then I consider that I'm doing something right

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My 9th donation to UAF going out today. Almost 60k dead orcs, Lyman boiler & NATO application 🎉 Let's fucking go!!1 twitter.com/vishna/status/1554

Axing Stadia was as inevitable as it was dumb, @Google have killed any confidence in their consumer products, Stadia's longevity was already in question when it launched, now they've just confirmed it

DI is a pattern, not a framework, something I also strongly refer to when people argue Dagger or Koin
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👉DI (Dependency Injection) is a design pattern, not a tool or a framework.
👉DI framework is a tool that simplifies/automates dependency injection.
☝️The former is your bro, the latter is meh.

Se people are struggling to understand that this is just a concept, it's not yet a recommendation, we try out new things to test their feasibility, it might not make sense for all projects
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@madona_syombua With or without Compose, ViewModel's handle configuration changes without much intervention, so an app with a single activity, single ViewModel, and all Compose (e.g. /w Molecule) is entirely logical.

Children should not be allowed in the Ruhebereich

Android 13 UI shows a divider between the text and control component, but I can't find any documentation

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Is there a material design precedent for including a control component (e.g. checkbox) in a list item where the list item also has a click action?

Oh great, Italy has another fascist government, that worked out pretty well for them last time...

It's quite frustrating to see, as we are in the middle of an energy crisis, businesses and store-fronts leaving their lights and advertising on throughout the night whilst closed, this should be penalised.

Both amazingly good satire, and amazingly tragic how believable it is as genuine, when you can't tell the difference between comedy and politics, we're doomed
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My second-favourite thing on Twitter is people being fooled by how amazingly good @RosieisaHolt is at my first-favourite thing on Twitter. twitter.com/ShoaibMKhan/status

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Sending badly trained conscripts to fight in winter against a motivated enemy defending their own land has always worked well for Russia. Ask the Finns.

Cat has somehow peed behind my bed pillow, slow soaking the whole thing, leading to a lovely early morning surprise…

I guess I'm not sleeping today.

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