why did i stop getting my news from bbc and guardian here?

so here's the thing:
proxis.com is a scam site, they look pretty legit but they sell nothing! they just take your money (i should have known: their payment system is called "ogone").
i feel like such an idiot!

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I know that Gitlab's debian/ubuntu packages use this: github.com/chef/omnibus

Perhaps that's the path for a Mastodon package, too

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I wish you could just record silence and then play it on loudspeakers on full blast to make the whole room quiet. t.co/NkiKg1oNw8

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You will have, if you're lucky, 500,000 conscious hours in this Universe: 85 years, 2/3 spent awake.
How much of that time can you devote to others?

2 people: 250k hours each.
20: 25k
200: 2.5k
2,000: 250
20,000: 25 -- just over a day.
200k: 2.5
2 million: 15 minutes. Andy Warhol's truism is Small World only.
20 m: 1.5 minutes
200 m: 9 seconds
2 billion: 0.9 seconds
8 billion: 0.225 seconds

If someone devotes a quarter second to you, you're getting more than your share.


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to write
or read

so instead
i'll have


some parents should just die before their kids are born

rules are as good or heartless as the people who invent them

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#Mastodon Announcement:
We would like to make a distinction regarding the work @Gargron and I are doing, and the greater community. Gargron's work in regards to the Mastodon Project is only concerned with the software. That's his thing, and his goal. My work as a Project Manager for the Mastodon Project is thus also mainly revolved around that.

However, we want to help you get the word out when other projects pop up which are of the greater good of the community. That being said:

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If anyone want to build a liaison team, which help facilitate dialogue between instance admins and users on other servers, we will be behind you, and help you spread the word, and help you get access and contact where we can. We will also help you spread the word about any funding model you choose, or don't choose.

This is part of the beauty with an open source project, not only can you take the code and do something new with it, but you can also make your own project in the social aspect of it

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just heard that 3 of my works (one of them my poem&drawings book cavalo das almas) have been selected for the Lethes Art exhibition in Portugal, from july till september :D

lethesartpontedelima.com/en/ mastodon.cloud/media/_SBy6FDAS

my city sculpture at Mirta Demare Gallery, 2017, Rotterdam

the federated timeline turns so fast it makes me dizzy..

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My takeaways from the experience were that:

* Whilst useful, anonymous profiles should either be persistent or subject to some degree of vetting.
* Anonymity is a privilege.
* User controled blocking is critical.
* A notification should /allow you to complete an interaction/ rather than /take you to where an interaction is to be completed/.
* Higher level(s) of moderation are necessary and must be staffed.
* System designers require clue.


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