While the culture is of first adopters and is open and affirming right now. Nazi’s and Fascists and $BAD_ACTOR’s will move in once they realize they can’t be censored or kicked off their own instance.

Those who left twitter because Jack didn’t ban folks there are going to be sorely disappointed when they realize that (while folks can be banned from one instance) they can’t be banned from their own instance. 3/2

Mastodon at it’s heart is a software application wrapped around a federated protocol.

Anyone can use it. Spin up an instance by thenselves or join one they like. It can federate with any other software application using ActivityPub. It is decentralized. HIGHLY resistant to censorship.

And this last part is key.

This platform is IDEAL to users that espouse unpopular viewpoints: fascism, hate, calls for violence, illegal content, etc. 2?/2...

This wired article ( wired.com/story/join-mastodon- ) about Mastodon is mostly good. It covers the basic features and talks about a shift from Twitter to Mastodon.

It confuses one key issue though, and that’s the “culture” of Mastodon.

What we’re seeing now across the Fediverse are the first adopters. The fringe. The queer. The hackers. The staunch individualists. The communal care takers.

As Mastodon becomes more mainstream, the “culture” will shift.

If you’re here for the culture, be wary... 1/2

@Tusky @hund was about to ask for the same. Glad that we can download a beta off that link!

What's your favorite app for ? I have tried only Tusky so far, and I love it. Would like to try any other recommendations as well!

@tcn33 Sounds like a great choice, Toby! I re-discovered Mastodon today and I am on mastodon.cloud now. I would like to make the switch to mastodon.technology as well. How easy was it? Did you migrate your content as well?

@hmans@mastodon.social It looks amazingly delicious! 😍

@switchingsocial@mastodon.at Thank you for sharing this!

@davidpgil @Tutanota @switchingsocial@mastodon.at Is there a specific reason why you like Tutanota to ProtonMail? Is it the cost, or something else that you like about Tutanota over ProtonMail? I recently got a ProtonMail and would like to hear others' thoughts on things around ProtonMail and Tutanota.

@timapple When you say "back", do you mean that you were once on ProtonMail and left for Fastmail? Would you be okay with sharing why you left ProtonMail in the first case?

@toro@mstdn.io The only thing I liked about Tutanota is that it offers the ability to use custom domains for 12 USD an year. But, the ProtonMail Black Friday 2017 deal at 79 USD for 2 years for affordable and I decided to give in. I will move to Tutanota when their apps improve.

@toro@mstdn.io Is there anything in specific that you like about Tutanota? I recently got ProtonMail as well, and I settled for it after comparing with Tutanota in detail. The problem with Tutanota is that, it's based in Germany, as opposed to Switzerland, their web and Android UI aren't that good, and the name Tutanota is not easy to spell - makes it hard when sharing with others. All this said, ProtonMail offers @pm.me as a domain.

My first toot! Came across @gary's post here pento.net/2018/08/19/trying-ma and decided to give it a try as well. Looks very interesting. I did come across the name Mastodon in the past, but never cared to check it out! ✨ 🤞🏽


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