I just found out about @Tutanota from @switchingsocial ... a GPL free and open source e-mail app! I'm going to transition off of #Protonmail soon! Finally! #Tutanota

@davidpgil @Tutanota @switchingsocial@mastodon.at Is there a specific reason why you like Tutanota to ProtonMail? Is it the cost, or something else that you like about Tutanota over ProtonMail? I recently got a ProtonMail and would like to hear others' thoughts on things around ProtonMail and Tutanota.

@arunsathiya @Tutanota @switchingsocial I actually think both are fine for now... I actually am more interested recently in hosting my own email. I have both #Protonmail and #Tutanota though. I use Protonmail for public mailing/mailing lists and Tutanota I use to email individuals I know personally.

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