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This is MASSIVE. The Windows Subsystem for Linux in the Microsoft Store is now generally available on Windows 10 and 11! Windows 10 users can now run Linux GUI apps natively!

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Days since I've almost accidentally summoned a demon while reading a distributed systems paper: 0


Have to take some white wine for the thanksgiving dinner at my in-laws. I know nothing about white wine. Any recommendations?

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btw the mastodon web app and the first-party mobile apps support animated gif avatars. do with that information what you will

With the recent “rebalancing” , my Mastodon feed is now more interesting than my Twitter one which will hopefully keep me here as well :)

Unfollowed a bunch of folks on Twitter who I now follow here. I hope folks here keep sharing updates as the chaos at Twitter recedes into distant memory

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Another useful #Mastodon RSS trick: You can add .rss onto the end of any *hashtag* link's URL to create an RSS feed from *that!*

Thanks to @bbdd333 for pointing this out!

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Hi! I'm Mastodos – the Pink fork of Mastodon for Android. I exist because the official app is lacking many important features, which I intend to bring back!

Some of my features include:

• Unlisted posting
• Federated timeline
• Alt text viewer
• Bookmarks
• Pinning posts
• Handling follow requests
• Improved true black mode

… and many more!

Visit my GitHub for downloads and more information:

#Introductions #Mastodon #Mastodos #MastoDev #Android #MastodonAndroid #FOSS

Plot for a sci-fi movie: AI is trying to kill humanity, not because it has gone sentient, but because it was exposed to and then learned from the internet...

Idea: Could Mastodon implement an idea of circles from Google+ ?

During sign up, let me quickly create profiles in various communities that I can publish to with a given tag.

Allow people to follow me on the "root" account to get all my updates or just follow the account specific ones to only get the topics they are interested in

“Nope” is streaming for free on Peacock right now. I had been waiting for this for a while. Definitely a fun watch.

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A busy weekend coding my laser system ready for a huuuuge gig on Wednesday (photo is a clue). Fixing bugs and starting work on a system for controlling dmx lights with the same set up.

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I finally succeeded in running Mastodon on my MacBookPro M1 laptop!

It took a while, because I didn't want to install all the dependencies on my machine, and the virtualization options for the M1 silicon are still problematic.

Find my guide here

#mastodon #howto #installation #runningmastodon

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