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Till Decoherence Do Us Part
This week’s reading is Till Decoherence Do Us Part by Peter Childs. Its themes are entangleme

It's #NetlabelDay here in Pacific Time Zone.

I've already been broadcasting 23 hours. Another 27 to go.

Stream the lusciousness at

Download libre/free music at (so @arjaybe can feel secure with that certificate).

Three days left till #NetlabelDay.

And I still have new isht rolling in. I mean, I announced all this multiple times back in April. But it's all good. I'm just happy to have it all, and happy to be here.

Four days left till #NetlabelDay.

Lots of music for you to download, because owning your own music is good for you. 48 hours of radio broadcast to inform and entertain you.

Join me in celebrating free culture, sharing music, and not giving exploitative music streaming services a goddamn dime.

This week’s reading is Quanta Rabbit by JE Bates. Its themes are qubits and superposition. Length about nine minutes. Listen to this and other stor

All right! I dug out the official press release for Netlabel Day 2022. I knew I had it somewhere.

Attached for your delectation/amusement/infomatisme. Share with your musician friends. I'm trying to make this the most inclusive event around.

Spider Feet
Edit: See below for more on the eyes of jumping spiders.

Geckos aren't the only animals that use van der Waals force to stick to the ceiling. Sc

Synesthesia of the Day -- Misophonia

For the first time in a long time I don't feel as if I'm up to my elbows in work.

There Was a Sun
This week’s reading is There Was a Sun by Rebecca Baron. Its theme is the interchangeable nature of quantum particles. Length about eight minutes. Listen to th

Welcome to the Okanagan Reader. Here we present readings of short stories and other works that have been released under a Creative Commons license by their creators. In keeping with the license, these reco

Not a Detective — Halftime Report
I just realized that I am late with this halftime report on Vin Stone -- Not a Detective. We're actually several chapters i

If a good hockey player can "stickhandle in a phonebooth," does that mean that a good soccer player can "dribble in a phonebooth?"

I'll post any translations here.

Here is the Green Comet trilogy translated into Spanish by David at Artifacs Libros. The Spanish blurbs are machine translations of the originals. The Engl

I will post reviews here. If you feel inspired to add to them, please let me know through the contact page.

Review — Green Comet
by Jim Bowering
Jacket Description:
"As Elgin wakes from a centuri

Green Comet Glitch
We had a glitch here at Green Comet. I couldn't get into the site, getting an error message instead. It told me that there was

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