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Frustration! I'm down to the last chapter recording this and yesterday I was under the weather. I felt so crummy that I slept all day, except for a couple of hours in the evening, and still had no trouble getting to sleep at bedtime. I woke up not feeling as crummy, but now my voice is gone. Instead of my usual crackly bass, it's weak, wheezy and raspy.

Should I gargle with something?

What do you think of this as the cover for my latest Vin Stone novel: Vin Stone -- Not a Detective? Vin is a freelance accountant who keeps blundering into mysteries.

@mollysegalrookwood Yes, I write in the morning. First thing after ablutions and coffee-making. I'm up early so I get a few hours of quiet. I've always done it this way. I can't imagine shutting myself away when there are people around.

@davegoodman I name chapters when I finish them. I give the book a working title which, so far, is usually the final title.

@AvrilMAalund I sometimes play music and sometimes not. No reason either way, just whether I feel like it. Classical, baroque, jazz, blues, rock, whatever suggests itself. It doesn't matter, anyway, since I don't hear it when I'm writing.-)

@AllySinclair I love writing the first draft. That's where I find out what's going to happen. Then I go over it many times to winnow out the typos and other awkward bits.

@EirinKidsBooks The object is to find some form of life or way of living that doesn't involve killing to maintain it. Our immune systems, for instance, keep us alive by killing microbes. If unsuccessful, the microbes kill us.

@ktnworth You're saying what I'm feeling, Katelin, only if I was using a Lamy it would be a , and I write on the back of used paper. Transcribing to digital is the first edit.

@EirinKidsBooks I think we live in physical reality, the result of a quantum fluctuation in the Yogic void.

As for life, there is this definition that I have never heard anyone disprove: life kills.

I don't let that make me sad, though.-)

@stephenfry That's nice, Stephen. Suits the culture here. I've never been on TheBird, but I get the feeling that less is pushed at you here. You have to seek what you want to find.

Can anyone tell me what hashtag to use to find people discussing ? I record my own novels and can always use fresh tips.

@juliafgreen That's a good reminder. There's more to writing than writing. A lot of my writing is done while staring out the window.

I have a small collection of . I use them for my . My favorite is a . I thought a would be a good addition, but it has been disappointing. I had a cheap P51 clone which was excellent until it wasn't. I stumbled on the . Nice price. Good heft. 5 cartridges and a converter. It's a medium but I think it's finer than that. So far it seems a good addition to the rotation.

There's nothing like a cup of , a fountain pen and lots of paper.

There are too many things to include in one , so I'm going to do several.

I have a established as a place for my , Green Comet, to live. I needed material so there are posts on , , , , , , , , , and , among many others.

The Green Comet - CC-BY-SA - is available for free download in both and forms at the site.

There are too many things to include in one , so I'm going to do several.

In addition to , I also them as . Now that I've moved out of the closet, where the clothing absorbed the echoes, I'm experimenting with egg cartons, quilts and cork. Another project has me other people's and posting them on the website - If you can think of any suitable candidates, please let me know.

There are too many things to include in one , so I'm going to do several.

I'm glad there is such a nice developing here. People talking about , , and .

I'm just finishing up my eighth book, Vin Stone - Not a Detective. It will be available as an and .

My first three , the GreenComet trilogy, are licensed and are available for free download at my website -

@sandragibbons Read something that's quick and small. Maybe a nice little cosy? Something that's not in your daunting TBR.

@LVChristensen Those Nordics and their noirs.

Off for dinner now. It's nice to talk to you, Lynne.

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